He's going to be there tomorrow morning and I feel weird. How...

By jfornow | Jun 02 2014

So here's the story...I met this man on a dating site, we msg back and forth for a day or so. He asked me what I did for a living & I told him I owned my own business but was thinking of selling due to being so demanding. He expressed interest in aquiring the business. We met a few days later at my place of business, cordial (I thought he was handsome but no flirting) and he asked questions about operations. Fast forward he has been coming to the business for the past 3 weeks on and off to see daily operations, has brought a few friends to see (females), we have drafted a contract and executed. We met one night for drinks when he made offer to buy (never any romantic/flirting on either end). We text here and there, mostly about business with the occasional from him, "you are an amazing person"..."I'm so lucky to have met you" he has said to me that I am pretty, attractive but just as a matter of fact kind of conversation. When we see each other it is comfortable and he usually greets me with a kiss on the top of my head (I'm 5'3" and he's 6'2"...I saw it as endearing). Now yesterday he met me to do the shopping for the business & followed me back to the store to unload the purchase. He joked after unloading the boxes that he was leaving (like I was on my own to put everything away), I replied with ok and went to kiss him on the cheek goodbye and he full on kissed me. We kissed for a good while and stopped and continued putting things away without a word said. After we finished, we were talking as if the kissing never happened & he kissed me again, more intense and touching (I kissed back & was surprised by the intense feeling). We again broke away and were ready to lock up and each go about our regular day. As I locked up, again a make out session. We both left and that was that, he texted me today about business...we spoke about business but nothing about what happened.

He's 53 and I'm no stretch are we kids to be feeling so crazy! Help...I feel like a kid all of a sudden!
Here's the thing...I don't know what the heck to make of this!! He has stirred feelings in me that I didn't know I had toward him. He had hidden his profile last week, mine is still active. He has asked me if I'm dating/seeing anyone (which I'm not just talking).

Now I'm Wondering

He's going to be there tomorrow morning and I feel weird. How should I greet him? As if nothing happened, don't mention it and see?



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2 Jun

One of you is going to have to say something.


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3 Jun

I think if you are seeing him in your/his place of business then you should keep it "professional." Not "cordial" per se, as in you don't have to pretend that that hot little make-out session never happened but try to avoid any flirtiness or romantic overtures. Just smile and be your professional self. Sure there will be plenty of sexual tension but you can break that later..not at work. If you want to date this man, wait for him to ask you out and save all the romance for that date.

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