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Why Jess and Gabe are Saying Goodbye to YouTube: Prioritizing Love and Family

Sometimes meeting through social media is not bad.

Jess and Gabe have been on our screens for years now and they are known as the YouTube power couple.

These two have been posting content for about eight years now giving insight into their relationship and they are very open about what goes on in their love life, reports. 

Jess and Gabe welcomed baby number one last year and from their videos, they seem to be trying for another baby!!

This couple did not have it easy they had to deal with a lot of things, first with long distance and the biggest of them all living love in the spotlight.

Jess is originally from Australia while Gabe on the other hand is from Florida and they crossed paths in Los Angeles. 

LA is where everything started it has witnessed their spark, their love, and then followed marriage and kids. 

Let us walk down the memory lane of Jess and Gabe and reminisce about the old times when we used to look up to their love story wishing that one day we’ll have what they have.

They are the epitome of a perfect love story. If you’re searching for a celebrity couple to admire, they should be your go-to!

Jess and Gabe are quitting YouTube

Eight years of constantly being in the limelight is a lot so Jess and Gabe have decided to quit YouTube.

But not in the literal meaning, they will still be around but less, they will post there when they feel like they have something to share or make announcements. 

They are kind of quitting social media but not really quitting. Jess and Gabe will still post on their own channels but that’s it.

Gabriel and Jess

Jess and Gabe feel like this has done them good as they are now in a better place because they had always felt like they needed to shift focus away from content creation after ten years of it being their main job. 

For them now, they want to prioritize their family.

They felt burned out after the constant working and taking on different careers not having time just for one another and even falling into depression. 

In 2017 was the first time Gabe wanted to stop doing couples content for Jess and Gabe and went back to it because they did not want to let their fans down.

Jess and Gabe’s secrets to marriage

The Conte’s have 11 secrets to how they keep their relationship safe and make it always work between them. 

There is this saying that goes ‘if you have known someone for seven years then you have a friend for life’ or something like that and these two have long passed that mark.

When you look back at all of those years you’re like how do you make it work what is your secret? 

For Jess and Gabe there are e few things like; saying sorry first, praying for one another, or just having fun.

Jess and Gabe have been together since 2016

But there are a lot more, but I’ll cut to the chase and put all the secrets below;

  1. Have the same beliefs about marriage
  2. Constantly practice each other’s love language 
  3. Have fun together 
  4. Kiss more
  5. Compliment each other daily
  6. Pillow talk check-ins
  7. Weekly family meetings
  8. Common financial goal 
  9. Have a family mission statement to help you form yourselves as a team
  10. Pray for each other and pray together
  11. Accountability

The Conte’s bought their dream home

They have bought their home in Tennessee, Nashville!! For them, it was a huge step as they were ready to start a family of their own.  

Six months ago they moved into their new home and a year before they welcomed their first daughter into this world.

And for them, it is important that they can finally start their story over and fresh as a family of three.

The Conte Family

We got to witness Jess and Gabe’s story from their first meeting to their getting married a year later.

We have been with them through all of their ups and downs as a couple and it is safe to say that we will be missing their content together.

They will always be by our side, constantly fighting for each other and sharing little romantic moments whenever they can. But family always comes first, and we understand that.

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