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Why Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Called It Quits

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner have given up on their romance! What a way to end the year! 

As the saying goes ‘All good things come to an end’, we have heard that these two knew that their relationship had an expiration date.

On December 17, it was announced that the model and musician had called it quits, reports. 

Rumors of their romance first started in February when they were spotted on a double date with Hailey and Justin Bieber in Los Angeles.

According to an insider from Entertainment Tonight, the couple knew from the beginning that their relationship would end sooner or later.

But what is the real reason behind their break up?

Kendall and Bad Bunny have been going their separate ways recently, and their connection has gradually faded. 

They both understood from the beginning that their relationship wouldn’t last forever, and that’s okay. It’s also a matter of timing. 

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Showed Off Rare PDA at Drake’s Concert 

With their hectic schedules, they realize they’re still young and have plenty of personal experiences to explore before thinking about settling down.

While sources have shared their side of the story, fans have a lot to say about the couple too.

Fans theories about Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner

They are all trying to make a point and their theories are very interesting! While some think they broke due to what Benito said in his songs about the model many are calling Jenner out for using the artist as a rebound. 

Here are some of their theories shared on Reddit:


I get the feeling that she broke up with him because he went as far as to really piss off his fans, write songs about her, and advertise her tequila on his stories and he published her on IG, but she always seems like.. meh, rebound.


I think he was into her more than she was. Honestly, she may have just had him hang around because he’s a superstar and made for a great rebound after Devin Booker. I hope Bad Bunny finds someone better, bc I’m a fan of his but only time will tell. 

Kendall and Benito worked together on a campaign for Gucci


From the way he talked about her in his music, it was obvious the way he saw her and was not going to stick around for a committed relationship….Dudes like him rarely do. Maybe I’m completely wrong tho and she ended things for an unknown reason? Idk. 

The fans of the couple started to wonder about their relationship status these two last months as they seemed to be spending time away from each other. 

On December 16th, Kendall was seen hanging out with friends in Aspen, Colorado, without the rapper. 

Actually, they haven’t been seen together since late October when Kendall showed her support for Bad Bunny during his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live in New York City.

The real reason Benito and Kendall broke up 

When the news about them ending their 9-month lived romance, the reason for the break up was listed as ‘busy schedules.’ 

I mean, they’re both super busy celebrities with crazy schedules that pull them in different directions. And now, with him going on tour, it’s only going to get worse.

Long distance can really put a strain on relationships, you know? 

But honestly, it’s a valid reason. Maybe they’re just not at a point where they can make their schedules work together. 

They’re young and have so much they want to achieve in their careers. So, it’s not really surprising that they don’t want to give up anything just yet. 

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny 

However, most of the time, distance is the go-to excuse, but in Bad Bunny’s upcoming album, maybe you’ll get to hear the true reasons behind it. 

The insider made it clear that there’s no bad blood between them and they both genuinely want the best for each other. Kendall’s family still holds him in high regard. 

They simply want her to be with someone who brings her happiness, treats her with love and respect, and can handle the spotlight that comes with dating her gracefully.

Kendall Jenner’s friends aren’t really surprised about her breakup with Bad Bunny, but they’re not completely convinced that it’s the end of their relationship either. 

Throughout their love story, they purposely refrained from making any public statements about their relationship.

In fact, Benito in a recent interview had explained why they opted to keep mum about their romance. 

According to the artist people have no idea about your emotions, your lifestyle, or anything really, and he prefers to keep it that way.

Bad Bunny said that he is not interested in explaining anything because he doesn’t feel obligated to clarify things for anyone. 

This could also be the reason why they did not announce the news themselves but through sources!

Benito and Kendall 

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