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Which Relationship of Taylor Swift’s Is Behind the New Album: Analyzing the Songs

Swifties have turned themselves into the tortured poets for Taylor Swift’s new album!

Now, let me tell you, we’re stuck in a love triangle of our own trying to figure out what this album is really about.

It’s like a never-ending guessing game, and we can’t help but be torn between three potential subjects, reports. 

But seriously, can you even wrap your head around the fact that Taylor hasn’t blessed us with a breakup album in a whole decade?

It’s like she’s been living in a fairytale land where heartbreak doesn’t exist. But then, boom! She goes through breakups with Joe Alwyn and Matt Haley, and suddenly we’re drowning in a sea of emotions.

What does Matt Haley have to do with this album, well the album is packed with heartbreak and fury, showing Taylor’s raw emotions towards her past relationships and the public’s obsession with her love life.

Since the lyrics have been revealed for all the tracks and the album is soon to drop let’s dive right into the lyrics and see for which relationship of Taylor Swift this album is really about.

Taylor Swift’s Album Cover

Track 1: Fortnight ft Post Malone 

The lyrics paint a messy picture of a relationship full of drama and intensity.

A relationship that feels like it’s slipping away causes frustration, but the longing for a connection still lingers. 

The story delves into forbidden love, regret, addiction, and the intricate nature of human relationships, showcasing the emotional struggle of loving someone intensely while struggling to truly connect or sustain the relationship.

This song is more of a Joe Alwyn track since it talks about strengthening and keeping that relationship and this romance lasted for six years.

Track 2: The Tortured Poets Department

The song delves into a multifaceted connection brimming with closeness, uncertainties, and empathy. 

It highlights instances of openness and closeness between a pair who maintain a strong connection despite their imperfections and challenges. 

I would say this song has five themes: 

Intimacy and Connection: The song lyrics beautifully portray a deep emotional bond between the narrator and the subject, showcasing moments of vulnerability and understanding. 

For instance, the narrator gently scratches the subject’s head until they drift off to sleep, while the subject wears the narrator’s ring on their wedding finger.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Acknowledging imperfections:  is also a key theme, with both characters laughing off comparisons to famous literary figures and referring to themselves as “modern idiots.” Despite this, there is a strong connection between them.

The fear of losing each other is palpable, especially when the subject expresses thoughts of suicide if the narrator were to leave. This fear is reciprocated by the narrator’s feelings of attachment and vulnerability. 

Mutual understanding is evident throughout the song, with shared experiences and a deep sense of being seen and understood by one another forming the foundation of their relationship. 

The repeated questions of “Who’s gonna hold you?” and “Who’s gonna know you?” hint at uncertainties about the future and a need for reassurance. 

Despite this, the narrator consistently reaffirms their love and commitment to the subject.

Track 3: My Boy Only Brakes His Favorite Toys

The song portrays a troubled relationship with destructive patterns and emotional chaos. 

The narrator compares their partner’s erratic behavior to a child breaking toys, emphasizing the repetitive cycle of destruction. 

Despite being aware of the relationship’s destructive nature, the narrator feels trapped and unable to break free. 

They reluctantly accept their partner’s tendency to hurt them, acknowledging their own role in the dysfunction. 

The song also explores introspection and the desire for self-improvement. Nostalgia and pain mix as the narrator reminisces about past moments of connection, highlighting the complexity of love and loss. 

Ultimately, the song portrays a tumultuous relationship characterized by destructive patterns, emotional turmoil, and the ongoing struggle for self-awareness and personal growth.

Track 4: Down Bad

This song is like a rollercoaster of emotions!!  It’s all about feeling chosen and enlightened, yet abandoned and alone. 

The narrator is questioning a surreal encounter that left them emotionally shattered and unable to cope. 

They’re willing to die if they can’t be with their loved one, expressing teenage angst and petulance. 

It’s a mix of heavenly bliss and cosmic love, but also harsh reality. The chorus hits hard with emotional devastation and struggles to cope with loss. 

It’s a raw and intense exploration of longing, abandonment, and unrequited love. 

Track 5: So Long, London

This tune tells the tale of someone dealing with the drama of a rocky romance and eventual split. 

The words capture the narrator’s battle to keep the bond alive, only to feel let down and deceived by their significant other. 

Even after trying to patch things up, they come to terms with the fact that it’s a lost cause and decide to keep it moving. 

The track reminisces about the mixed emotions tied to London, all while recognizing the importance of closure and the possibility of finding a fresh start. 

It touches on themes of love, heartache, and resilience in the face of heartbreak.

Track 6: But Daddy I Love Him

This song is all about a fierce young woman’s journey through love, judgment, and finding herself. 

She’s over society’s rules and expectations, tired of being suffocated by conformity. Ignoring the naysayers, she dives headfirst into a passionate romance with a wild soul, saying goodbye to stability. 

The bridge calls out the fake concern of those who try to control her. Ultimately, she finds freedom and happiness with her partner, standing strong in her independence. 

It’s a rebellious anthem celebrating love and self-discovery, proving that love conquers all.

Track 7: Fresh Out The Slammer 

A person released from jail rushes home to their sweetheart, reminiscing about tough times in prison and craving their love. 

They stay loyal, determined to be back together, knowing their partner will be there. 

Grateful for their love, they believe they can conquer anything together. A song about love, strength, and second chances.

Matt Haely and Taylor Swift

Track 8: Florida!!!

The song paints a picture with its colorful words and deep emotions, diving into the narrator’s wish to leave the past behind, bury their mistakes, and fully embrace the wild spirit 

Track 9: Guilty as Sin 

The song dives deep into the emotional rollercoaster of yearning and lust, showcasing the narrator’s inner turmoil and daydreams about a love that’s off-limits. 

The lyrics vividly illustrate the narrator’s longing for someone just out of grasp, causing a whirlwind of guilt and uncertainty. 

Despite trying to push down their feelings, the narrator is swept away by fantasies and desires, wrestling with the question of whether their thoughts are sinful. 

Track 10: Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?

This song is all about the narrator showing the world that they won’t be messed with. It’s like a phoenix rising from the ashes, going from meek and mild to fierce and fearless. 

The lyrics are like a battle cry, reclaiming power and putting all the doubters and haters in their place. 

With its strong imagery and clever metaphors, this song is a powerful reminder of resilience, self-empowerment, and the price you pay for underestimating someone. 

It’s an anthem that flips the bird to society’s expectations and demands to be feared and respected. So, step aside, because this narrator is here to slay.

Track 11: I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)

The tune tells the tale of a protagonist who can’t resist a risky and troublesome man. Ignoring all the naysayers and doubters, our hero thinks they can save him and is sure they’ve got everything under control.

 The words capture a blend of fascination and a need to take charge and save the man from his woes. 

It delves into the realms of obsession, self-confidence, and the tangled web of relationships with troubled souls.

Track 12: loml

This song takes you on a rollercoaster ride through a love story that starts off with a bang but ends with a whimper. 

The singer looks back on their past with a mix of fondness and disappointment, realizing that their relationship had its fair share of ups and downs.

From passionate moments to broken promises and backstabbing, this love affair was a real rollercoaster. 

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

The lyrics capture the longing and regret that comes with a love that burns bright but fades fast. 

In the end, the singer is left grappling with the aftermath of a failed romance and the lasting impact it has on their heart.

Track 13: I Can Do It With A Broken Heart

The tune captures the battle of wearing a mask of joy and resilience while going through heartbreak and emotional chaos. 

The storyteller ponders on their skill to keep up a courageous facade, acting like everything is okay even when they’re crumbling inside. 

Despite feeling down and fixated on their ex, they persist in moving forward and looking efficient and collected. 

The words emphasize the inner struggle between outward show and inner emotions, displaying the strength of maintaining a brave front even in times of heartbreak.

Track 14: The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived 

The tune explores betrayal and disappointment in a toxic romance. The storyteller questions their ex’s sincerity, as they were initially sweet and genuine but turned out to be dishonest and controlling. 

They reflect on the emotional wounds and feeling used and discarded. Despite not wanting to reconcile, they long for resolution and explanations. 

The words convey anger and bitterness towards the former lover, highlighting the pain caused and the difficulty of moving on.

Track 15: The Alchemy 

The song depicts a triumphant return after adversity, showcasing the singer’s confidence and determination to rekindle connections with loved ones. 

It highlights the challenges overcome and the readiness to rebuild relationships, emphasizing personal growth and resilience. 

Ultimately, it celebrates the enduring power of relationships and the unbreakable bond between individuals.

Track 16: Clara Bow

The track honors a captivating individual, likening them to iconic figures like Clara Bow, Stevie Nicks, and Taylor Swift. 

The singer admires their charm and confidence, expressing wonder and respect. Despite the superficial world they inhabit, this person stands out as genuine and extraordinary. 

The lyrics touch on the struggles of fame and the pressures faced by those with exceptional beauty or talent. 

Ultimately, the song emphasizes the importance of authenticity and promises to be extraordinary in the face of societal expectations.

Around 70% of the songs seem to be inspired by Joe Alwyn, with about 15% dedicated to Matt Haley. The rest touch on Taylor’s relationships in the public eye, with a subtle mention of Travis Kelce.

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