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Was Kanye West sexist towards Julia Fox?!

Disappointment, intriguing, and stomping all over!  

These words are the key to explaining Julia Fox and Kanye West’s romantic fling. Let’s just say that these two were at the right place but at the wrong time. 

And for Julia, the best she could do is just throw all those memories ‘Down the Drain’. 

With Kaney at the time still trying to pick the pieces up after his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Somehow he ended up hurting Julia and himself in the process, reports! 

During the time they were together, from here it looks like West was not over Kim. He could not bear to see her moving on hence to all the countless rebound relationships he had.

Did Fox fall victim to this pick-up romance? It looks like she did. After taking a peek at her new book we can call her romance with ‘the artist’ as she refers to him in the book, a ‘dark romance’. 

Your feminist side will surely kick in after you read these spoilers we are giving out, because why not? 

Inside Julia Fox and Kanye West’s romance

Fox starts the part about ‘the artist’ with details of how their relationship bloomed.  

Her friend hit her up a few days after Christmas in 2021, asking if he could give her digits to Kanye West. 

Julias style change

Julia’s style change?!

And that is how she got tangled with him. They started talking over the phone, having hours-long conversations till the point of ‘the artist’ asking her to join him on his private jet. 

 To which she said not at first due to some plans with friends, but with a little more talking she agreed to do so but only if she gets to take her squad with her. 

That is how she spent her New Year’s Eve, a full-on party alongside Kanye including some PDA here and there. 

She’d hit up some parties, play this cool game where you highlight all the good words in the dictionary, do a photo shoot that would end up in Interview Magazine, and totally revamp her whole wardrobe.

All done with the muse, especially the wardrobe part. He did that without even asking. It was going great until that one moment.

If he did not like her style why did he not just say so? There is this saying that goes ‘ Always wear what you want to wear’.  

His behavior was a bit sexist, to say the least. A woman can wear what she wants whenever she wants, not what others assign them to wear. 

Red flags were raised, Fox and Ye were not meant for one another

Julia is known for her sexy style, so when she appeared wearing that leather jumpsuit and the dramatic eye makeup, it just was not her.  

It might sound bad to say, but Kanye transformed her wardrobe to fit the style of Kim Kardashian.

In one part of the book she wrote that they were out on a date at the movies and after that they would go for dinner, but before that happened she was called by her friend to go to the bathroom. 

This friend is an appointed stylist by ‘the artist’, who actually had a few outfits there for Julia to pick so she could hit dinner looking all fancy. 

Julias wardrobe change

Julia’s wardrobe change

Again why not say I do not like the outfit but go behind the back and do such things? Told you that the feminist side will soon be revealed. 

Julia admitted to this too. With this photographer who was again appointed by you know who takes pictures all the time, you can not help but feel like a doll on a shelf.   

Either way, she goes on with the flow, you can not help but obey what you have to because you feel connected to this person. Those who are in love will understand.  

Red flags, red flags everywhere. 

We have another one of these red things that was being waved around.  Kanye had asked her to write a coverage story about their date, which would be later published. 

Fox wrote it but West was not on board with it. He sent her another version where he lied about the details of the date and many other things.

This story was written by ‘his annoying friend’ that is how she refers to his friends in the book.

I almost forgot about the plastic surgery part. Yes, you hear it, he offered to pay for her to get her boobs done. 

As if the change of the wardrobe was not enough, now her body was being criticized. Isn’t this sexism on another level?  

Kanye and Julia hugging

Kanye and Julia hugging!

Yet this is how she ignored another massive red flag because she just wanted to be with him. 

But to him, the relationship did not matter at all. Let me tell you why. 

Julia had talked about her being a drug addict and Kanye had denied such a thing, saying that he never knew despite the claims of the actress that she did but he was just not listening. 

Ignored and ignored would describe this best and for the finish after they broke up, ‘the artist’ had sent an NDA to Julia and her friends who worked with the pair to sign it. 

She did not, we are applauding her for that. At one point maybe she realized something that we always saw. 

Fox was a puppet, she was being weaponized, and her voice was being taken. 

But nuh ah, all those moves from West did not bring her down nope, she ended her one-month romance saving herself and Kanye in the process. 

Because after what we read about the two in the book, that thing between them would have never worked out.

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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