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Usher Used The Alicia Keys’ Relationship Speculations to Enjoy The Newlywed Life Out The Limelife For a Bit

Have you seen the tension on stage!!  

Usher took his assignment seriously when performing the song ‘MyBoo’ featuring Alicia Keys.

These two have been friends for like 20+ years and they absolutely smashed the performance at the Super Bowl, reports.

However, their closeness on stage has been a hot topic of discussion sparking all sorts of narratives about the two, from them being romantically involved to them hooking up and all that.

Well sorry to burst your bubble but Usher and Alicia are both married. It was just a sign of great chemistry between two great performers! 

Keys in fact has a family of seven whom she shares with her husband Swizz Beats.

And while all of you were busy pointing out the closeness between the two singers on stage, Usher kind of got the upper hand out of it and got married to his longtime partner.


Its the hug and the smile at the end 🫠❤️‍🔥 #aliciakeys#usher#superbowl#halftimeshow

♬ original sound – Seyn

Right before taking the stage for the NFL, he made a small stop at the chapel where he and  Jennifer “Jenn” Goicoechea, promised forever to one another.

He took the plunge a day before he took the stage at Super Bowl but the performance with Alicia Keys took some of the spotlight about the marriage off of his shoulders.

While everyone was busy questioning Usher and Keys’ relationship, the newlyweds were probably enjoying some peace and quiet before confirming the news.

Alicia Keys and Usher

What fans think about Usher and Alicia’s relationship

I have to point this out, Apple Music told y’all that his performance may destroy relationships!

Swizz Beatz couldn’t care less about the memes circulating about the Super Bowl Halftime Show. 

He was just one of the many people in the audience who witnessed his wife, Alicia Keys, perform alongside Usher during the game.

Despite the internet going crazy over various aspects of the 13-minute set, Beatz believes that all the negativity is unnecessary.

In a recent Instagram post, Beatz urged his fans to shift their attention to the positive aspects of the performance, such as Keys’ stunning red catsuit.

Even though he was not fazed at all by the memes the internet continues to thrive on its own ideas and trust me they are hilarious!!!

Let me list some of the comments and see what I mean:

“Usher hugging Alicia Keys at the #SuperBowl like how I picture my girl and her boy best friend when I’m not there,” a user on X wrote.

You know what? A girl and a boy can be best friends forever, no doubt about it.

 But here’s the thing, just because you have feelings for your friend doesn’t mean you’re head over heels in love with them.

It’s a known fact that guys and girls, coming from different worlds and all, tend to catch those lovey-dovey vibes. 

When two opposite-sex buddies become close, it’s like a gossip explosion waiting to happen. 

Even the two of them might start questioning what’s really going on. But hey, not every bond between a guy and a girl is all about romance and roses, you know?

“Usher using the Super Bowl halftime show with Alicia Keys as his personal bachelor party is insane lmao” another X user wrote. 

What can I say except, that’s one way to look at it!! But still a bit too much.

Again nothing can stop the internet they will continue putting their opinions out there all we can do is go with the flow.

They keep pointing out how Usher broke Keke Palmer’s family and now the same will happen with keys too. 

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