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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s Relationship with the Parents

While both Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift want to keep their private lives private they still drop some small hints about their relationship here and there!! 

And what we want to know is how the Swift family and the Kelce family like these two as a couple and how their relationship with one another, reports.

According to ET Online, it is rumored that the parents of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, Donna and Ed Kelce, and Andrea and Scott Swift, have scheduled a meeting.

The meeting is expected to take place early next week as the Philadelphia Eagles, which is the Swift family’s favorite team, go head-to-head against the Kansas City Chiefs for Monday Night Football.

The parents have never met each other but the couple has and it is safe to say that they do enjoy being in one another’s company.  

Taylor Swift’s bond with the Kelce family

The first one to meet the family was Taylor Swift. She shared a suite with Donna Kelce at one of Travis’s games and the energy surrounding them was amazing. 

From pictures, they looked like they were having a lot of fun making small conversations here and there. 

It has been reported by several media outlets recently that Donna was not very fond of Taylor. 

Last month she appeared on ‘Today Show’ and the two hosts  Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie asked her about how she sees her son’s relationship and the singer. 

Her answer was kind of misinterpreted “Yeah it is fairly new, so I do not like to talk about it” said Kelce’s mom. 

However, this was not what ticked off the box of her not liking her son’s new girlfriend. No, it was the following answer after the hosts dug more on how her night with Taylor was.  

taylor swift and donna kelce

Taylor Swift and Donna Kelce/Getty

Donna replied with one simple ‘It was okay’, this particular answer of hers, fueled rumors that she does not like Taylor and that things between her and Kelce won’t work out.  

But whatever questions that were raised to question Donna and Taylor’s relationship can be dropped. It is clear that she likes the singer but respects the decision of the couple to be private. 

And it has never been safer to say that she is a big Swiftie herself even tho it was claimed she was not one. 

The mother of the two NFL players said that Taylor is talented but the thing is that Donna has a different taste in music as a result of her being born at a different time. 

Still, she was seen at a theater in Florida enjoying ‘The Eras Tour Movie’ while her son was in Argentina enjoying it live.

As for Travis’s dad Ed Kelce, he totally approves of Taylor Swift. 

Just like his wife, Ed met the superstar at one of his son’s games and she has stolen his heart. 

The Kelce dad thinks she is very sweet, smart and that she does not have that diva or spoiled demour. On the contrary, he thinks she is very special. 

taylor swift and ed kelce

Taylor Swift and Ed Kelce/Getty 

Since their meeting, he has taken the time to research the singer. Kelce mentioned that he went back and listened to interviews that Swift has done over the years because it helps him understand her as a person. 

After watching these interviews, his initial impression of her was confirmed. He described her as a very genuine and down-to-earth individual.

As for Jason Kelce, Travis’s older brother he too is a fan of Taylor and is very happy for his younger brother. It is still unclear whether they met or not. 

Travis Kelce’s bond with Taylor Swift’s family

Scott Swift and Travis Kelce met for the first time over the weekend. They did not have their first meeting at the concert as Travis revealed they grabbed dinner the day before Taylor’s show. 

This guy has managed to steal Scott’s heart quite fast. During the latest episode of the New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast,  Travis shared about the events that took place on Wednesday. 

Jason noticed that Scott, Taylor Swift’s father, was wearing a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard while watching his daughter perform on Saturday night with Travis. 

travis kelce and scott swift

Travis Kelce and Scott Swift 

Playfully, Travis joked that he has successfully converted the Swift family to support the Chiefs, referring to their previous allegiance to the Philadelphia Eagles, Jason’s team. 

Jason then directly addresses Scott, questioning his decision to let Travis’ charm and relationship with Taylor influence his loyalty to the Eagles. 

Travis later revealed that he may have convinced Scott during a dinner the night before they met. 

The brothers also discussed Scott’s football background, with Travis mentioning that he played college football as a linebacker turned center in Hawaii and Delaware. 

Jason expressed surprise at their shared position and suggested that they should meet up to discuss their experiences as centers. 

With that said the relationship of the couple with one another’s parents seems to be soaring and it is a good sign as the odds are in their favor and maybe soon they’ll be in-laws. 

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