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Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes’ Friendship Timeline

Travis Kelce might have stolen Taylor Swift’s heart, but before her Patrick Mahomes was his first victim!!

These two make quite the dynamic duo! Not only do they have a strong connection on the field, but their bond extends beyond the game as well, reports.

I am sorry to say this to Jason Kelce but bro step aside we love you and all but Travis has a brand new sidekick, and his name is Patrick Mahomes.

These two buddies initially connected over something that many twenty-somethings can relate to a wild night out that may have gotten a tad out of control.

However, this is not where it all began or where it will come to an end. Their history goes way back, even involving Travis’ older brother, Jason.

While some crazy nights out may not be the highlight of their bond, witnessing them collaborate seamlessly in the field is truly remarkable.

Let’s delve into the origins of their relationship, starting from day one up until now, and appreciate all the incredible moments these two have given us. 

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes

How Travis and Patrick met 

These two have had a big bromance going on from day one.

Patrick and Travis met seven years ago, in 2017 to be precise. It’s like fate brought them together when they both arrived late for practice on the very same day. 

Mahomes, being a newcomer to the Chiefs, felt a wave of relief knowing that he wasn’t the only one running behind schedule. 

On the flip side, Kelce, known for his tardiness, was just thankful that someone else managed to show up even later than him that day.

 Ever since then, their bond has grown stronger, and what’s amusing is that Patrick is actually younger than Travis.

Patrick and Travis have known each other for seven years 

It’s interesting how Patrick always comes to the rescue during embarrassing moments, but we’ll delve into that later.

Kelce and Mahomes bonded over a night out 

The thing is these two were very scared of Coach Reid! 

And they went out and the next day they had practice. They had a long night of wild drinking and did put the alarms up but did not wake up on time. 

Guess who was late, both Travis and Patrick. 

The first thing the office asked Patrick was ‘Were you with Travis last night’ and they asked the same thing to Kelce. 

Since then they have never been late and their bromance bloomed.

Andy Reid coach of Kansas City Cheifs on Patric and Travis’s bond 

Andy Reid spoke about the special bond between his two-star offensive players. 

He compared it to the chemistry he witnessed between Brett Favre and Sterling Sharpe, as well as Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb.

Reid also mentioned the connection between DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. He expressed his gratitude for being a part of these incredible partnerships, although he found it difficult to explain why and how these players connect so effortlessly. 

Trav and Patrick

According to Reid, both players possess a deep understanding of the game and an uncanny ability to anticipate each other’s moves in a short amount of time.

Mahomes and Kelce win the Super Bowl

The brothers have won two Super Bowls while playing alongside one another showing incredible teamwork. 

The Chiefs have made it to the playoffs 10 times, won four AFC championships, and earned two Super Bowl titles. 

Leading the team is their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who has been named NFL MVP twice. Despite being young, Mahomes will be playing in his fourth Super Bowl. 

His go-to receiver is tight end Travis Kelce, and together they have scored 17 touchdowns in the playoffs, setting a new record.

Patrick Mahomes saves Travis Kelce from embarrassing himself

It’s quite fascinating how some folks seem out of place when they’re holding a microphone. But when it comes to Travis Kelce, you can’t say that at all.

Kelce and his Kansas City crew visited the White House in Washington, D.C. as part of the customary celebration after their Super Bowl LVII triumph over the Philadelphia Eagles. 

During their encounter with President Joe Biden, they gifted him a Chiefs jersey personalized with his name and the number 46, symbolizing his position as the 46th President of the United States.

And at that very moment, when the microphone at the forefront of the stage was momentarily abandoned, Kelce seized the chance.

“So I’ve been waiting for this,” Kelce managed to utter before Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes swiftly intervened to steer him away from the limelight.

“Sorry, Sorry” Mahomes is heard saying, as everyone starts laughing. 


The 2023 Super Bowl champions were FINALLY able to make their White House appearance. Not only for their recent victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, but also their 2020 win since no visitors were allowed at the White House during the pandemic. Although First Lady Jill Biden is an avid Eagles fan, and “Philly girl,” President Biden assured the team she was overseas during their visit and gave a lot of praise to this KC crew. This moment of Travis Kelce though was for sure our favorite part as he reminded us why we all love him. The tradition of Champions visiting the White House dates back to 1865 when President Andrew Johnson welcomed the Brooklyn Atlantics & Washington Nationals. The first Super Bowl Champions to visit were the Pittsburgh Steelers invited by President Jimmy Carter in 1980. #nfl #whitehouse #champions #kansascity #kc #superbowl #traviskelce #kelce #patrickmahomes #mahomes c/o: @NFL

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Patrick is not letting Uncle Travis babysit his kids 

After announcing their baby news, the couple faced questions the next day. 

During a press conference, Mahomes was asked about the best babysitter and uncle in the Chiefs’ locker room. 

Mahomes responded by saying that backup quarterback Matt Moore was the ideal choice because of his reliability. 

Playfully, Mahomes jokingly mentioned that tight end Travis Kelce was not as dependable, playfully throwing him under the bus.

Kelce and Mahomes girls become besties 

The two girls share a strong bond. Brittany has been seen joining Taylor for dinners with a few other friends. 

Both Swift and Brittany show their support for their partners at the games, and this has brought them closer together. 

Taylor and Brittany

The rest of the group also approves of Mahone’s relationship with Brittany. These two are now best friends and always cheer for their partners side by side.

Mahomes speaks about Travis after his relationship with Taylor Swift

The Mahomes are verified Swifties. 

Patrick has opened up about Swelce’s relationship and he totally approves.

Patrick expressed his satisfaction with Swift, mentioning that he appreciates her genuine personality. He further stated that this is the reason why he believes she and Travis make such a great couple. 


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