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The Truth is Out – Halsey and Avan Jogia are Officially a Couple

Halsey and Avan Jogia are heating things up with their romance! 

They are not hiding their love anymore making their official debut as a couple on social media platforms, reports. 

The singer posted a series of Halloween photos. Halsey and Avan appear adorable in their coordinated black attire!

Halsey also posted another series of photos showcasing her outfit for the Luis De Javier SS24 show, which included two pictures of her and Jogia wearing matching leather outfits.

In the third photo, they are seen standing next to each other, while in the final photo, he affectionately places his arm around her shoulders.

With her posts, Halsey hinted at a serious relationship with rumored boyfriend Avan Jogia. 

In a span of one week, Halsey has shared two different Halloween looks with Avan making sure everyone knows they are going strong.  

However, the singer is not the only one to share snaps about their relationship Jogia did too. 

He gave another view of their romantic bond with a picture of the duo holding hands, another photo of Halsey’s back, and one where he wrapped his arms around her waist. 

Halsey's instagram story

Halsey’s Instagram story

The posts received a lot of congratulatory comments from fans showing their support for the couple.

Here are some of the comments: 

@autummnkennedyy – Don’t let Jade see this 😂😂😂

@amayaavocado – I didn’t even know you were together, but I am here for it 👏🔥

@saarrahhhx – This is such an unexpected couple 😃 

These are not the only comments they received in their posts. A lot of other fans asked Halsey to use her platform to speak out regarding what is happening in Palestine. 

The musician and former Victorious star were first spotted flaunting their style on what appeared to be a fantastic evening at the Cara Hotel in Los Angeles.  

They were clearly enjoying the atmosphere, immersing themselves in delightful melodies, relaxing in each other’s company, and displaying their affection without hesitation.

They embraced each other, entwined their fingers, and even shared a passionate kiss at some point during the night.

Halsey’s new relationship with Avan Jogia came just months after her split from her baby daddy scriptwriter Alev Aydin. They have a son named Ender, born in 2021.  

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