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The Pink Shirt Couple, Everything About Their Breakup

We broke up, but decided to remain good friends!

Cayden Christianson and Alyssa Eckstein known as ‘the pink shirt couple’ decided to end their relationship. 

They announced their separation via social media content and let me tell you I was heartbroken and thought they were playing a prank on everyone.

The more of the video everyone watched the more the signs of them breaking up long ago started kicking in, we will get to this later. 

Cayden gave away the reason for the split and not just me but a lot were shocked about it. 

He thought he was using Alyssa too much because she was trying so hard while he wasn’t trying as much, reports. 

“I wasn’t enjoying the content as much or putting as much energy to it. And that’s when I started taking advantage of her (Alyssa) and letting her do more work,” Christianson said

It’s surprising how many people can recognize when they’re taking advantage of someone but choose to do nothing about it. 

Cayden is such a good guy for getting his feelings under control and coming clean about it while making sure he does not hurt Alyssa in the process.


Full video posted ❤️ @Pink Shirt Guy

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They possess incredible strength, and we all genuinely want the best for them. However, it’s hard not to feel a twinge of sadness. We’ll definitely miss them.

The list behind the break-up goes on as other things are listed about what will happen with everything now, from the content to how they’ll live life.

Alyssa and Cayden ended their relationship and are focusing on self-love

In the video, he emphasized the importance of prioritizing personal development.

If one partner doesn’t provide support or contribute to the other’s self-improvement, it may be necessary to spend some time apart. He thinks that this is the optimal decision for both of them.

As all know, ‘change’ is not always bad, for them it is better to spend time apart than hurt each other feelings continuously. 

We Broke Up Video – Everything they revealed about their relationship 

To begin with, it was quite a challenge for them to figure out how to inform their fans about everything. 

Nonetheless, they took the time to express gratitude to each person for the support they received throughout the journey.

The Pink Shirt Ex Couple/Youtube

Alyssa and Cyden are currently experiencing a breakup, and it’s not a simple situation to handle. 

Nevertheless, in the video, they managed to maintain a smile, share jokes, and convey the feeling that despite the separation, they still enjoy each other’s company. 

Fans noticed that Christianson was absent from the content they created together, sparking rumors of their breakup. 

Speculations about what led to the end of their three-year relationship started circulating. 

The content creators even joked about the time ‘Alyssa’ wore a non-pink outfit, which initially made fans think they had broken up, despite Cayden’s approval. 

Another rumor was that they cheated on each other, but the exes made it clear that it wasn’t true.

The other one was that he was taking a break from social media for his mental health or that he was on a business trip and a whole lot of other reasons.

There were also rumors that he was on a business trip or had other personal reasons like going back to college, being at the hospital, or simply not wanting to create any more content. 

These rumors have been circulating for the past two months. The couple decided to wait for a specific reason before announcing anything to their followers. 

They wanted to sort everything out and make sure they were ready. When they finally shared the news, their emotions were evident. 

Cayden Christianson and Alyssa Eckstein/Instagram 

Tears filled their eyes as they explained what had happened and reassured everyone that their love for each other would remain strong no matter what.

They also discuss how their relationship is their career and how they didn’t want to fake being together just for the sake of it. Plus, they’re determined not to hide anything or tell any lies.

At one point in the video, Cayden started to cry while expressing his honest feelings about how thankful he is for everyone including Alyssa. 

What caught my attention was something he said that went along the lines of ‘You realize the things you lose after you already lost them ‘ while holding eye contact with Alyssa.

I have no idea why, but it seems to me that they didn’t want this. However, I think they will reconcile once they resolve the issue they’re dealing with. 

The reason behind their break-up goes deeper than just their work and all that. 

Cayden revealed that it is happening due to a change of emotions and that they need time apart to know what their goals and future are.

Oh, and about the accounts, Alyssa will be in charge of the main one (Cayden insisted because she’s put in a lot of effort), and the PinkShirtCouple 20 million subscribers YouTube account will remain untouched until they make up their minds. 


3 years ago vs. now… A LOT HAS CHANGED

♬ original sound – Pink Shirt Couple
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