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The Love Story of Clara Dao and Javi

There’s a brand new TikTok couple in town, and let me tell you, they are absolutely adorable!

Clara and Javi just recently announced their romantic relationship to the public, and everyone is absolutely thrilled because they are truly meant for each other.

Clara Dao is well known for her content which focuses on self-love and personal growth.

She shares videos to remind people of their beauty every day, creating a safe haven where beauty standards and body-shaming don’t exist, reports. 

Her videos cover topics like body confidence, mental health, women’s rights, and everything that helps you embrace self-love even more!

Clara announced her relationship via YouTube which came as a surprise to everyone as she is known to keep a very private life.

When it comes to romances, boyfriends, or life in general she does not slip. Dao even has videos on social media about how having a private life is such a good thing.

There’s been a variety of comments under her videos, claiming that Clara despises men and labeling her as a lesbian. It’s all just a joke on us, though, because it’s been quite some time since she’s been smitten by love.

Oh, and to make it clear she does not hate men (but she does hate some men depending on what type) and she is not a lesbian but she is bisexual. 

This announcement surprised not only us, but Clara herself, as she doesn’t have a clear reason for choosing to share her romantic journey with the world. 

How Clara and Javi met

Clara’s boyfriend was initially quite shy when she introduced him through the camera, but you could sense the love and spark in the way he gazed at her and the affectionate tone of his voice when he spoke to her. 

In short, everything about him radiated love. Oh and the small kisses he gave to his girl during the whole video, are so adorable! 

Javi and Clara/Instagram 

Also, they have not met one another parents but they also have since they probably saw the videos the couple posted!

Javi and Clara met at a club in Toronto twice back in March 2023. Then Dao was in a relationship.

She went for a girl’s night while Javi was there to celebrate his birthday.

Someone from Clara’s friends recognized Javi and his from school so they decided to hang out and party together.

After that, Dao invited everyone over to her place for an after-party, and guess who also was there at her apartment, yes Javi.

All girls with only Javi in the building. 

He wanted to meet new people and while he was at the bar he lost his friend so he decided to join the girls.

Since Clara was taken during that time there was no exchange between the two, so no flirting and not talking!!!

That was the only encounter they had!

In March 2023, Clara Dao ended her relationship with her previous boyfriend and decided to transform into a new version of herself.

Sometime in September of last year Javi and Clara reconnected even though they thought they would never see each other again.

What are the odds right?

Guess when they meet again. Yeees, at the club and Javi made the first move on Clara by approaching her, but Dao was the first to speak to him.


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More details about how Clara and Javi fell in love

Javi is 24 while Clara is two years older than him, meaning she is turning 26 this year.

They have opened a YouTube channel and other social media platforms where they post content about their life and couples in general.

Javi and Clara have been seeing one another for six months and Dao has admitted that there was tension between the two before they started dating back to the day when they first met.

Clara and Javi/Instagram

But since she was in a committed relationship and all that she chose to kind of ignore it.

For them, it was not love at first sight but they did feel that connection, they were drawn to one another, so there was a spark from the beginning. 

Javi was the first one to confess and before that, they thought it was going to be just a casual thing and they connected on another level. 

Javi pooped the question of asking Clara ‘Will you be my girlfriend’ and her answer was ‘Let’s keep it casual’.

And four weeks into the casual relationship Clara fell in love with Javi!

The reason she hesitated at first was because she had a purpose, Clara was going to data to marry.

She didn’t want to rush into anything with Javi because she was uncertain about everything.

However, the fact that she introduced Javi to her life and they created joint accounts together suggests that there might be a wedding in their future!

Their social media accounts have been flooded with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from fans expressing their happiness for Clara and Javi. 

However, there are also some who feel a bit concerned for them. They worry about the challenges that come with being in a highly publicized relationship and fear that it may put a strain on their bond.

 Despite these concerns, Clara and Javi have been together officially for four months and fifteen days, and we can’t help but eagerly anticipate their future together, including their wedding!

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