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The Kardashians Are Letting Tristan Thompson Off the Hook

The Kardashians all appear to hold a positive view of Tristan Thompson, despite Khloe labeling him as a cheater.

Their bonds seem to be blooming again, not between Koko and Tristan but between him and the other sisters, reports.

We are talking about Kylie Jenner and Thompson who apologised to her because a friendship was ruined because of him. 

In the latest episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, Tristan Thompson, who has two children with Khloé Kardashian, made an effort to mend his relationship with her sisters. 

He started by having a conversation with Kylie Jenner, where he sincerely apologized for the pain he caused her sister and the strain it put on her friendship with Jordyn Woods.

Kylie Jenner and jordyn woods

Kylie Jenner and Jordy Woods 

What happened between Tristan, Kylie and Jordy

Kylie and Jordyn broke their friendship in 2019. It’s been more than four years since the Instagram model was associated with Tristan Thompson’s notorious cheating scandal. 

His last destination for the apology tour was Kyli as Tristan revealed that he already asked for forgiveness from Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Rob Kardashian. 

The basketball player poured his heart into the apology “I think you were affected the most by the situation of losing a sister, basically” he said. 

Jordy Woods had appeared some time ago on ‘Red Table Talk’ to tell her side of the story about how everything went down. 

Jordyn made it clear that the rumors about her and Tristan were false. She emphasized that beyond a kiss, nothing else happened between them that night.

Tristan and Khloe when they were still a couple

Tristan and Khloe when they were still a couple

She admitted to putting herself in that situation willingly. Alcohol was involved, and yes, she was drunk, but she still remembers what happened. 

According to her, he kissed her first, however, it was just one plain kiss on the lips no tongue involved. Woods did not blame only him but herself too.

The model also revealed that she had not been honest with Koko after she asked what was going on because she did not want to hurt her. So she got into the car and drove off. 

When Tristan apologized to Kylie he told her that he was responsible for what had happened during that time with Jordy and that he took responsibility. 

“I put myself and (Jordyn) into a situation that wasn’t right and wasn’t smart. I made it tough for you and Khloé because at the end of the day, you have your best friend and then you have your sister who you love more than anything else, so it’s 100% on me” the player said. 

He’s saying sorry to Kylie and then telling her to pass on his apologies to Jordyn for whatever she went through.

Khloe, Tristan and True

Khloe, Tristan and True

When he spoke to Khloe, he admitted that he should have handled it better as the older one

In his conversation with Kourtney, he brought up how his dad treated his mom in a similar way and how he’s never seen a man not cheat on a woman.  

But you know what? It feels like he’s just paying lip service with this whole apology tour. And asking someone else to deliver his apologies is just a weak attempt to make himself appear more decent.

Tristan asking for forgiveness means he a Khloe are back together

This apology tour Tristan looks like it’s a soft launch of his and Khloe’s way of saying that they are back together!!?  

All of the Kardashians seem to have granted him forgiveness and from here it looks like they might be putting what happened behind them. 

But Kylie did tell Tristian that it will be hard to forgive him for what he has done to Khloe but she is willing to make it work because she likes him as a person. 

Kylie and Jordy have already rekindled their friendship as they were spotted together a few times during this year.   

Tristan Thompson is receiving praise from Khloé Kardashian for taking responsibility for his actions.


Khloe and Tristan’s kids

After working on himself, Tristan admitted that he can now acknowledge and take ownership of the mistakes he made. 

Khloé also shared that her family has gone through a collective grieving process during Tristan’s infidelity. She clarified that while they haven’t forgotten or forgiven, they have settled down.

She has also acknowledged Thompson’s other son for the first time. At the same time, she is also scared about how her relationship with the basketball player will affect the children. 

Koko is worried now that Tristian has moved out of this Kardashian sister’s house it will damage the bond between the kids especially True’s and Thompsons’ relationship. 

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