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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship Hits a Home Run

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are taking their romance from attending and showing support for each other to dinner dates, reports. 

These two are rocking the post-game scene with their epic date nights and they were spotted on one after the match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers.  

The game was played at  Arrowhead Stadium where Taylors and Travis have history together. 

Swift and Travis spent their time in Piropos, the Argentine steakhouse and despite the usual closing time of 9 pm, the restaurant graciously extended their hours to cater to the couple’s needs.  

Travis and taylor on their dinner date

Travis and Taylor on their dinner date/DailyMail

At one point, the couple had the entire restaurant to themselves, creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere for their dinner for two. 

After grabbing dinner, the couple was seen walking to their car holding one another’s hands getting inside their car, and driving off to presumably Kelce’s house.  

You might have come across rumors on the internet about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce buying a house together in Kansas City if you’re spending a lot of time on Taylor Swift-related content.  

However Kelce is the one who bought a house, or to be more exact a $6 million mansion. 

Apparently, he’s trying to keep his dating life with Taylor Swift on the down low. Can’t blame the guy for wanting some privacy, but damn, that’s one expensive way to do it. 

With Swift always attending her boyfriend’s games we can tell how head over heels they are for each other. 

What proved this was the photo shared on Instagram by the girlfriend of Travis’s teammate Mecole Hardman Jr. 

Taylor and Travis kiss

Taylor and Travis kiss/Instagram

In the photo, Taylor can be seen kissing Kelce’s cheek while her hand is placed tenderly on his chest with Travis smiling for the camera, including a peek at the bracelet with his jersey number.

Oh and did you all see the look on Swift’s face when her beau got tackled? She was clearly worried sick!

Taylor is concerned for Travis after he gets tackled down by the opponent

Taylor is concerned for Travis after he gets tackled down by the opponent 

The superstar and the tight end are giving us all the feels with their lovey-dovey outings and PDA. They may not have made it official yet, but actions speak louder than words, are we right? 

To add to all of this it looks like the Kelce family has welcomed Taylor with open arms and they seem to love her.  

She’s got the parents’ approval and they’re all about Team Swift even Travis Kelce’s dad straight up said she belongs with them.  

After their SNL performances, they were spotted holding hands for the first time in public while heading to the after-party. 

They made it official after a few bumps in the road, starting with the phone number on the bracelet to inviting her to attend the game, and finally getting the girl.   

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