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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Full Relationship Timeline

Travis Kelce clearly learned a thing or two from Taylor Swift’s catchy tunes because he managed to steal her heart real fast.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the hottest topics of conversation right now. Everyone is buzzing about their connection, reports. 

It all started back in July 2023 when Travis, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, spilled the beans about his attempt to ask Taylor out after attending her Eras Tour.  

And guess what? Taylor was totally into it! She even accepted an invitation to a Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears game in September 2023.

 But here’s the juicy part: Taylor and Travis were already connected way before that NFL game, thanks to a mysterious person in Taylor’s circle. 

Oh, and by the way, their first appearance together wasn’t actually their first date. Taylor spilled the tea and revealed that they had been hanging out since Travis mentioned her in his podcast, New Heights.  

Ahead witness all the details we have gathered about their relationship up until this point. 

January 28, 2024: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kiss on the field after the Chiefs advanced to the Superbowl

Taylor Swift celebrated the Kansas City Chiefs’ massive victory on Sunday by giving Travis Kelce a sweet kiss. 

The Chiefs emerged victorious against the Baltimore Ravens with a score of 17 to 10 on Sunday.

Once again, Taylor Swift was present to support Travis Kelce. The superstar enjoyed the game from a suite alongside her friends Keleigh Teller and Cara Delevingne. 

After the match, Taylor made her way down to the field where she found Travis amidst the bustling crowd. 

Taylor and Travis share a passionate kiss/ Patrick Smith

In front of everyone, they share a heartfelt embrace. Taylor lovingly wrapped her arms around Travis’ neck as he planted a sweet kiss on her. 

For a brief moment, Travis stepped away to converse with someone, only to return and wrap his arm around Taylor’s shoulder. They cozied up once more while holding one another close.

What Travis Kelce said to Taylor Swift during the celebration 

Travis Kelce was caught on camera sharing a heartfelt moment with his girlfriend Taylor Swift after his Kansas City Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl. 

On the field, Kelce warmly embraced his pop star girlfriend, Swift. As she joined him, he greeted her with a smile and asked, “Hey, sweetie! Where were you guys at?”

In another clip, Swift and Kelce were seen hugging once more. Just before they locked lips, he playfully asked, ‘How ’bout that one?’

Additional snapshots from the festivities captured Swift leaning in close to Kelce, whispering something into his ear. Unfortunately, the exact words she shared remain a mystery.

Traylor/Patrick Smith

January 26, 2024: Travis Kelce reveals how he and Taylor Swift deal with the public attention 

During a press conference, Kelce shared some rare insights on his and Swift’s relationship.

He shared some interesting things about how these two have been dealing with things related to their romance. 

Travis openly acknowledged that his increasing fame brings its own set of difficulties, both on and off the field. 

However, he made it clear that he and his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, are determined to ignore all the distractions and focus on their relationship.

“As long as we’re happy, we can’t listen to anything that’s outside noise,” the City Chiefs tight end said. “That’s all that matters.”

January 24, 2024: Travis Kelce on why he pulled Swift’s heart hands move after touchdown

Kelce had an incredible game on January 21, he managed to score two touchdowns!!

Kelce, after scoring the initial touchdown, formed a heart shape with his hands. This action is quite familiar to Swifties, as it’s Taylor Swift’s iconic move while performing “Fearless” on tour. 

However, Kelce recently revealed that the heart hands he made during the celebration weren’t solely dedicated to Taylor Swift. 

It was a message directed toward the Buffalo Bills and their fans. Kelce explained on his New Heights podcast that he wanted to spread some love amidst all the hate that was being thrown their way.

Travis makes Taylor heart gesture as he celebrates scoring a touchdown/Getty Images

January 21, 2024: Taylor Swift, Jason Kelce, and Kylie Kelce Support Travis Kelce at the Chiefs Playoffs Game 

The Kelce family had a special guest at the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills – none other than Taylor Swift! 

It was a real family affair as Jason and Kylie Kelce, along with Ed and Donna from the Kelce family, joined Taylor in the stands. 

Fans were excited to see this interaction between the three, and it seemed like they were getting along great. 

Swift meets all the Kelces/Getty Images

Swift even brought her friend Cara Delevingne for some extra support. It was a fun and unexpected family gathering at the game!

We got to see some funny interactions between these three. When Travis scored the touchdown he celebrated with the heart gesture while his brother ripped his shirt open, Taylor and Kylie’s reaction was priceless. 

A few other heartwarming moments happened as well, like how Jason lifted that young Swiftie to meet Taylor!

Taylor supports her boyfriends and ‘brother-in-law’ podcast

The singer discreetly shows her support for her partner by giving a thumbs up to an Instagram video from the most recent episode of the New Heights podcast, where he co-hosts with his brother Jason Kelce.

 In the video, the brothers discuss how Jason celebrated Travis’s touchdown on that Sunday when the Chiefs triumphed over the Buffalo Bills.

Jason’s celebration involved removing his shirt, leaping out of the VIP suite, and downing a beer. 

This was the first time that Jason and his wife Kylie Kelce met Swift, and Travis mentioned that she was absolutely fond of him.

January 17, 2024

According to an insider, Taylor and Travis are really putting in the effort to maintain their strong bond and keep it going. The source also reveals that Taylor is taking charge and making a lot of the decisions.

January 18, 2024

According to a source close to People, there’s been some talk about their engagement, but apparently, they’re just enjoying themselves and taking things as they come.

January 14, 2024: Travis and Taylor’s matchmaker revealed 

Travis Kelce gave credit to an unknown “Cupid” for orchestrating his relationship with Taylor Swift, and the person behind the matchmaking has finally been unveiled. 

Danny Frye III, Taylor’s second cousin, suggests that he’s the mastermind behind bringing Tay and Trav together.

January 11, 2024: Taylor and Travis plan to get engaged during the summer

According to a source, there’s some excitement in Swift’s circle about the possibility of her and NFL star Travis Kelce getting engaged this summer. 

The rumors suggest that they purposely avoided an engagement during the winter holidays to avoid any perception of rushing into things. 

The source also mentioned that Kelce won’t be proposing on Valentine’s Day for the same reason.

Apparently, Taylor and Travis have discussed their plans and there is a definite strategy in place.

However, the buzz is that they will officially get engaged on their one-year anniversary in July.

January 3, 2024: Travis shares how the New Year was with Taylor

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce had a romantic New Year’s Eve together. Travis shared the details on his podcast, New Heights. 

He mentioned that the Chiefs’ game against the Cincinnati Bengals was a blast, especially with Taylor and his mom, Donna Kelce, cheering them on. 

After the game, they all celebrated the New Year together, surrounded by friends and family. Travis even mentioned that he had around 50 to 55 people join in on the fun. 

The group later partied at The American Restaurant in KC, where they were joined by teammate Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany. 

January 1, 2024: Travis takes Taylor for a drive

Travis Kelce was spotted giving Taylor Swift a ride in his luxurious Rolls Royce the day after their steamy smooch at a New Year’s Eve bash in Kansas City.

December 31, 2023: New Year’s Kiss

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce shared a sweet New Year’s kiss in Kansas City, Missouri. 

As the clock struck midnight, their passionate first kiss of 2024 was captured on camera by fellow partygoers. Swift was completely immersed in the moment, with her arms wrapped around Kelce.

December 25, 2023: Spending Christmas cheering for Travis

Swift, her parents, and her brother attended the Chiefs-Raiders game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on Christmas Day. 

From her private box, Swift was seen cheering passionately for her boyfriend. 

She looked absolutely adorable in a plaid miniskirt, a red sweater, her signature red lipstick, and a Santa hat with Kelce’s jersey number (#87) embroidered on it. 

It was reported that Swift and Kelce left the stadium together, hand in hand.

December 6, 2023: Taylor dishes on her relationship timeline with Travis

Taylor was named TIME’s Person of the Year in 2023, and she opened up about her relationship with Travis.

 It all started when Travis first mentioned her on the podcast. And soon after that Taylor and Kelce started hanging out, and they both had a good amount of time to get to know each other without anyone knowing. 

By the time they went to their first game together, they were already a couple. 

November 29, 2023: They have nicknames for one another

Travis dropped on his New Height podcast the nickname he calls Taylor and it it the cutest thing ever, the nickname is ‘Tay’!!!

November 20, 2023: Publicly speaking for each other 

In the latest issue of WSJ. Magazine, Kelce spills the tea about his romance with Swift

When it comes to their initial connection, he spills that some of Swift’s peeps played matchmaker for them after he made his move during her Eras Tour. 

Eventually, they handed over his digits, and he lucked out when she actually reached out. He even goes on to describe her as a hilarious and genius girlfriend. Can’t argue with that! 

Travis and Taylor leaving together after his game

Taylor and Travis Kiss – iconic moments at the Eras Tour

During her concert in Buenos Aires, Taylor Swift decided to switch things up and change the lyrics of her hit song “Karma” just to give a little wink to the Kansas City Chiefs tight end. 

And guess who was there to witness it? None other than Kelce himself! 

The two-time Super Bowl champ was caught in a VIP tent with Taylor’s dad, and let me tell you, he couldn’t help but flash that charming smile when Taylor dropped that clever twist on her final song of the night. 

Looks like karma really does have a way of coming back to Taylor, doesn’t it? 

She switched up the lyrics to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me” instead of the original “Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me” while performing live at Estadio River Plate. 

During her performances, Taylor would sometimes sing a lyric while pointing at Travis, and let me tell you, that man couldn’t wipe that grin off his face if he tried.

 And let’s not even get started on the finale, honey! Taylor may have changed the lyrics of her last song, but what stole the show was their first public kiss.

Oh yes, we’ve seen them give each other kisses on the cheek and forehead before, but this was the real deal! Picture this: the concert ends, and Taylor runs towards Travis, jumping into his arms while passionately kissing him. 

Travis Kelce meets the dad

Scott Swift and Travis Kelce finally crossed paths at Taylor Swift’s era tour in Brazil. But let’s get one thing straight, their first encounter wasn’t at the concert like you’d expect. 

Oh no, Travis spilled the beans and confessed that they actually had a fancy dinner the day before Taylor’s show. 

Talk about stealing hearts in record time! Travis spilled all the details on the New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast. 

Taylor’s dad and Travis met for the first time

Taylor gets a warning from Kelce’s Ex

Kecle’s EX, Maya Benberr, who just couldn’t resist throwing some shade and giving Taylor a little warning!

Back in 2016, Maya and Travis were an item after she won the Catching Kecle contest. But now she’s got something to say, or should I say, something to warn Taylor about!

According to Maya, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Classic line, right? 

You see, this athlete has moved on and started dating Kayla Nicole from 2017 all the way up until 2022. So to say the least, Maya was a little late to the party!

It’s official Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are dating!

Alexa, crank up the volume, and let’s jam to ‘You Belong With Me’ by Taylor Swift because our girl is officially off the market and dating Travis Kecle. 

From sweet kisses to public displays of affection and even a special appearance on SNL, it’s safe to say that their romance is in full bloom. 

But hold onto your wigs, because this tea just got spicier! Guess who was caught sneaking out of Taylor’s apartment after a little rendezvous? None other than Kecle himself. 

Well, well, well, we may be surprised, but let’s be real, we’ve been shipping these two for ages and it’s about time they made it official. 

This dynamic duo made a surprise appearance on SNL, and the writer had to scramble to fit them in. But that didn’t stop them from turning heads at the after-party! 

They were all over each other holding hands, exchanging sweet nothings, and snatching kisses left and right. 

We also got to see Travis in full bodyguard mode for Taylor!! Wish it was you, didn’t you?! 

Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift 

The couple has also faced some “backlash”, as to the superstar attending Travis’s games all the attention was on her and many did not like that. 

This thing called “Tavyvoodo” started doing the rounds on the social media community so as not to let Taylor attend her boyfriend’s games. Well, she could not care less, and guess what she does not. 

The couple had three PDA dates in total and after that, they went on to have a more private relationship as the internet got more obsessed with their romance. 

Taylor and Travis are ready to paint the town red! 

Swift didn’t just make a splashy entrance at the game, oh no! She and Kelce were spotted making a joint exit as well. 

Hold up, there’s even more juicy gossip! It was reported that Kelce went all out and booked an entire restaurant in Kansas City for the most epic party ever. 

And guess who graced the event with her presence? None other than Taylor Swift.

Witnesses saw them enjoying delicious snacks, sipping on fancy cocktails, and tearing up the dance floor with their killer moves.

After their relationship started to gain more and more attention, it was announced that Travis Kelce had bought a mansion worth millions so he could have more privacy. 

Bringing the squad to the games 

Taylor decided to grace the Met Life stadium with her presence once again for the Chiefs game. And guess who she brought along? 

Her entire squad, including the fabulous Blake Lively, the charming Ryan Reynolds, the talented Sabrina Carpenter, the fierce Sophie Turner, and, of course, the one and only Donna Kelce. 

Brittany Mahomes was also there and later that week she and Taylor went on a dinner date together and not long after Mahomes met the rest of the Swift gang. 

Taylor brought her squad to cheer on her boyfriend

Taylor Swift bonds with Dona Kelce her boyfriend’s mother

The Internet was shooketh! Taylor made a grand entrance at The Chiefs vs. Bears game on Sept. 24, causing a virtual earthquake. 

Taylor Swift and Donna Kelce

And let me tell you, things got really cozy between Taylor and Travis’ mom, Donna Kelce, judging by the pics. 

But Taylor wasn’t just playing mama’s boy, oh no! He was all about the fans, snapping selfies left and right, and even indulging in some finger-lickin’ chicken tenders with ketchup and what seemed like ranch. 

The online world went bonkers! It was a moment you couldn’t miss, even if you tried.

Swift has not only met the mother but also the father of her boyfriend too and it is safe to say that they both like her and have bonded with one another very quickly. 

More Taylor Swift references – Cut Travis some slack!

Adam Schefter from ESPN was up to some mischief! He took those juicy rumors about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift dating and turned them into his little source of inspiration for reporting.

While fans were busy speculating whether Kelce and Swift were an item, Schefter decided to have a little fun with it during his appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter, right in the middle of one of Kelce’s games.

The Kansas City Chiefs had listed their 33-year-old NFL tight end as questionable on the injury report after he hyperextended his knee during practice.

Taylor and Travis kiss

Adam used the dating rumors to make some hilarious comments, like:

“It was a bit of a Cruel Summer for Travis Kelce with that knee injury, but he can see the Daylight, Kevin.”

“He looks like he’s Ready For It. And Travis [Kelce] is now on track to play on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, despite being limited today.”

In total, he dropped six Taylor Swift song references! Let Kelce catch his breath already!

Kelce brothers comment on Taylor and Travis’s relationship

When the rumors were swirling like a tornado, finally, someone dared to ask Eagles center Jason Kelce about his brother’s love life. 

With a sly grin, Jason responded that he had heard about them but would rather not spill the tea. 

A couple of days later, on Sept. 20, Jason decided to play the jester and claimed that the rumors were “100 percent true” on the WIP Morning Show. 

Then he quickly added that he was joking about the whole thing and had no clue as to what was going on with his brother. 

Taylor is concerned about Travis during one of the games

After being bombarded with Swift-related references by sports commentator Rich Eisen during his NFL GameDay Morning broadcast, the football star finally speaks up. 

The commentator used two of Taylor’s title tracks as a reference to Travis’s romantic bond with the superstar. 

One of them was ‘Shake it off’ and the other one was ‘Look what you made me do’. Kelce replied to Rich comments with a simple  “Well played Rich. … Well played.” 

Taylor and Travis hanging out together

Kelce may have fumbled his attempt to reach out to Swift initially, but he didn’t give up on the second try! 

His smooth moves paid off! Insider reports revealed that these two lovebirds have finally connected and are enjoying each other’s company.

“Taylor and Travis have been quietly hanging out. She saw him when she was in NYC a few weeks ago” said the source.

Let’s see Travis play! 

So, during this one interview, this guy drops a little hint that Taylor might grace one of his games with her presence. 

But, we were so slow on the uptake, it’s embarrassing! Now, the burning question is, did he even send her an invitation? 

“I threw the ball in her court. I told her, I’ve seen you rock a stage in Arrowhead and you might have to come see me rock the stage at Arrowhead,” Travis said in the interview. 

Taylor’s first appearance at Kelce’s game

“We’ll see what happens in the near future” and it did happen she watched him rock that stadium and Taylor did get her invitation to Kelce’s game.

This appearance of Swift at this game marks her first public date with Kelce, but there is a catch. 

They had already hung out with one another and got to know each other on a different level before making their debut as a ‘couple’ at the game. 

That last bit of information was revealed by Taylor Swift herself during her interview with Times Magazine as she was chosen ‘Person of The Year’. 

When did Taylor and Travis’s relationship start? 

On the night of July 8, everything took a turn. Taylor Swift brought her unforgettable Eras Tour to Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, and let me tell you, it was a night to cherish. 

And you know who else is familiar with that stadium? Travis Kelce is a two-time Super Bowl champion. 

Interestingly, Kelce had crafted a special bracelet for Taylor, but unfortunately, he never had the chance to present it to her. 

Taylor and Travis on their first public date

Travis couldn’t catch up with Taylor backstage since she didn’t speak before or after the concert. 

The reason behind it was that the superstar needed to preserve her voice for the whopping 44 songs she belted out. 

 It’s worth mentioning that Taylor no longer organizes fan meet and greets during the Eras Tour. Although Travis missed meeting her, he couldn’t help but shower praises on her outstanding performance at Arrowhead Stadium. 

“I was disappointed that she doesn’t talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs that she sings,” Kelce admits that he was “slightly butthurt” because he couldn’t have a little chit-chat with her. 

“She doesn’t meet anybody—or at least she didn’t want to meet me, so I took it personal,” he joked.

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