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Sufi Malik Cheated on Anjali Chakra and She Is Also Playing the Victim

Sufi Malik and Anjali Chakra, the famous social media stars from India and Pakistan, have decided to end their relationship just four weeks before their wedding.

The real twist in this story is that one of them was unfaithful! 

Cheating right before getting married is just something I can’t wrap my head around. The stress of wedding planning, second thoughts, and outside pressure can really mess with your mind – but that’s still no excuse for being unfaithful.

A US-based Indian Hindu-Pakistani Muslim queer couple gained fame a few years back when a photo shoot of them went viral, reports.

They’ve been together ever since and got engaged a year or two ago. They’re a prominent example of queer desi interfaith love and are adored by many.

A lot of people are having a hard time accepting that Sufi cheated and some are even saying it’s just a joke. 

Personally, I don’t think they would joke about something like this, especially involving infidelity. Nope, I believe this is serious and their Instagram posts prove so. 

However, a lot of drama is and has been going on so let’s break down all of it and see what’s next for these two.

Sufi and Anjali

What happened between Sufi and Anjali 

Sufi admitted to his mistake in a post, saying, “Hey everyone, there has been a major turn of events in my relationship with Anjali. I made an unrecognizable mistake of betrayal by cheating on her a few weeks before our wedding,”  she wrote.

And further added “I’ve hurt her tremendously, beyond my own understanding. I’m owning up to my mistake and will continue to do so. I understand the gravity of the situation and can only ask relentlessly for forgiveness, from Anjali and Allah.” To think it happened in the holy month of Ramadan. 

Suki’s Statment

Anjali also addressed the situation in a post, citing the infidelity as the reason for calling off the wedding. 

She asked for no negativity towards Sufi and thanked their fans for their support over the past five years. 

Anjali’s Statment

The couple had been engaged since September 22 and were approaching their wedding date set for late April 2024. 

However, things took a surprising turn when Sufi and Anjali announced their split on Instagram on March 24, revealing that Sufi had cheated just weeks before the wedding. 

Suki, the one who betrayed her partner, decided to go the PR route by posting a message on Instagram with a black background and a white heart, symbolizing her guilt. Anjali, on the other hand, chose a white background for her post, indicating her innocence.

Despite the circumstances, the aesthetics are spot on. Sufi opted for a black background while Anjali went with white. Both used the same font, format, and alignment, finishing off with a heart at the end.

If this is enough for you all, we have more tea, we have been snooping around Sufi’s Twitter and have noticed that she keeps on reposting a lot of posts that scree ‘me against the world’. 

Basically, Sufi’s tweets are kinda sneaky, playing with your emotions, especially when she’s the one who cheated.

Sufi reposted these on her X account right before the news of her cheating on Anjali broke out 

I can’t believe Sufi actually did that, man. It’s just so hard for me to comprehend. How could someone do this after being together for 5 years?

 Especially after gaining so much popularity online. I feel like I’ve lost trust. I can’t even begin to imagine what Anjali must be feeling right now. Wasn’t Sufi the one who proposed first? Wow. 

This couple really gave me hope for Hindu/Muslim and Desi queer relationships. But I guess things happen.

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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