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Shawn Mendes’s New Song Reveals That Camila Cabello Cheated

Shawn Mendes might be hinting at something about Camila Cabello with his co-written song for BTS JungKook!?

After having on-and-off relationships with one another for years, Shawn and Camila called it quits for good this year after their famous Coachella make-out session. 

And now they are talking back and forth through music, expressing their feeling with the lyrics they write, reports.  

The first one to write songs about the other was Camila, with her album ‘Familia’. All of the lyrics but especially the ones from ‘Don’t Go Yet’ and ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ speak more about her and Mendes’s relationship. 

It was said that this duo decided to go their separate ways due to their busy schedules and their not having that much time to be with one another. 

Even Cabello has confirmed this with that one lyric that goes “Sayin’ you got a flight, need an early night, no. Don’t go yet.” 

She and Shawn had been through the situation so many times. It wasn’t always because they had a flight, but sometimes they had performances the next day or just needed some rest.

Camila and Shawn enjoying their time together

Camilla and Shawn enjoying their time together 

Disagreements could have happened due to one wanting to rest and the other wanting to party. 

Also as we all know Mendes is from Toronto, Camila lives in LA so he had to fly back and forth between the two cities because long distance is very hard in relationships. 

Shawn has publicly discussed his problems with toxic masculinity and how important it is for him to break his stereotype. Camila has also written about these two, and how it affected their bond. 

“Give me your pain, I’ll take the weight off your shoulders. Don’t be afraid, fall into me, let me hold ya. We weren’t made to hold back the rain from the sky. Whoever told you that boys don’t cry, boys don’t cry?” 

She has written how he would shut her out due to the constant cultural pressures ‘he got’ for men to behave in a certain way. 

Now as for Shawns’ new co-written song ‘Hate You’ the lyrics seem to hint at something that Camila might have done. Unfaithfulness!? 

How do we know which part Mendes has written?  Well, his demo has been leaked online and let’s just say we know Shawn’s voice when we hear it.  


Shwamilla when they were dating

“I wish you went behind my back. And told me lies and stuff like that. I wish you kissed someone I know. And did the unforgivable”

These particular lyrics give a hint that behind their breakup is some cheating Cabeo might have done.  

Nothing has been confirmed about it and all of this is coming from their history of them writing songs for each other. However, the next lyric seems to tone down the rumors of Camilla’s infidelity. 

“I’m gonna hate you. Paint you like the villain that you never were. I’m gonna blame you

For things that you don’t do. Hating you’s the only way it doesn’t hurt”

This means that Mendes has painted Camilla as a villain in his story and that he will continue to blame her for what she has not done just so that he can find some pice.  

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