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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Have Healed From Their Breakup

Camila Cabello is all about rekindling things with her ex, but when it comes to Shawn Mendes, she’s like, “No way, Jose!”

Cabello spilled the tea on why she and Shawn Mendes decided to part ways again. They both realized that their relationship was a sinking ship, so they mutually decided to hit the brakes.

Since it was the second time they rekindled their love for them it did not feel right at all, reports. 

Camilla made it clear that she’ll always have a soft spot for him and still loves him. She’s grateful because some folks end up with terrible exes, but luckily, he’s not one of them. 

He’s genuinely a sweetheart and we can see that through the screen, but at the same time we can not help but feel sorry for him. 

He has had nothing but adoration words for Camila Cabello since 2015 and honestly, it is never easy to end a relationship filled with love.

Brake-ups do hurt a lot but it seems that Camilla and Shawn are both doing fine. Mendes’ recent appearance at Niall Horan’s show where they performed together ‘Treat you Better.’

Have Shawn and Camilla healed from the breakup

I am starting to think Camilla’s new hair and her body transformation have something to do with this particular breakup including Shawns’ performance but in a good way.

They’re both looking a bit less exhausted and definitely radiating more good vibes.

Cabeo appearance at the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast proved that she is very much heald and has put a lot of work into self-love. 

Breakups happen, it’s a fact of life. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, it’s time to focus on loving yourself first.

Camila seems to have done that just right, the blond hair and her working out has changed her completely.

Do not know if you have snooped around her Instagram page or not, but you can not find anything there regarding her past self.

She deleted all old posts and left just new ones of her in this new era.

Shawn and Camila’s breakup was a mutual decision 

Shawn, unlike Camila, has all his posts up, even the old ones with her in them. Since the start of 2024, he’s been on a posting spree, especially on his stories. 

Another observation: they both follow each other. 

I meticulously checked their recent posts for any signs of interaction, but sadly, there have been none.

This split of them was really final this time and the least we can expect from the two is to interact as friends

Was Shawn and Camilla’s romance PR

There are five reasons why others saw the relationship between Shawn and Camilla as a public stun. 

Shawn Mendes is known for keeping his relationships private, unlike attention-seeking celebrities. If Camila really was his girlfriend, he wouldn’t let paparazzi snap photos of them together.

Let’s talk about Shawn and Camila’s history. These two have known each other for over five years, ever since they collaborated on the song “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” 

There are countless pictures and videos of them hanging out as young teenagers, but they’ve always insisted they were just friends. 

But come on, if they truly loved each other, they wouldn’t have played the waiting game for so long. 

It’s no coincidence that the rumors started swirling just days after their steamy new song “Señorita” dropped.

Camila and Shawn were friends for years before they started dating 

And what do you know, Camila conveniently announced a bunch of upcoming projects with other artists like Ed Sheeran’s “South of the Border.”

 Looks like she needed that extra boost of promotion to keep her songs relevant and trending. Sneaky, sneaky. 

But here’s the kicker: neither Shawn nor Camila bothered to respond or react to those viral clips of them getting cozy. Talk about playing hard to get! 

And when a fan straight-up asked Shawn if he was dating Camila during a meet and greet, his response was a bizarre combination of head shaking and strange hand gestures.

Dude, just tell us already! Remember when he said he’d spill the beans if someone asked him directly? 

Yeah, we’re waiting. Both Shawn and Camila have endured their fair share of rumors and speculation.

Shawn has been labeled as “gay” countless times throughout his career, to the point where he had to make a whole video clarifying his sexuality.

All of these things contributed to their relationship being viewed as not real however with time they proved others wrong.

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