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Sam and Monica’s Love Story: From Miles Apart to ‘I Do’

Sam Patterson and Monica Gartner have been one of those inspiring couples with their love story making everyone believe that long distance can work and that love always finds a way. 

They are one of those TikTok couples that have taken the platform with their content and their romance, leaving everyone else out there weeping like a toddler because they can’t replicate their magic, reports. 

Making a long-distance relationship work, huh? Well, let me tell you, it’s like juggling flaming swords while riding a unicycle on a tightrope. 

But hey, if you’re up for the challenge, here’s the secret sauce: focused intention, effort, prioritizing each other, patience, and a sprinkle of creativity. Trust me, it’s a wild ride, but totally worth it!

If this was not clear enough then Sam and Monica’s story definitely can help you understand what it is and what sacrifices are to be made. 

Sam and Monica have been together for 9 years 

So, buckle up and get ready for the rollercoaster ride of their first encounter, first date, surviving long distance, tying the knot, and creating a love nest together. Let’s dive right in!

Sam and Monica’s first time meeting/date

The couple met 9 years ago more precisely in June 2015 thirty Amy who is Monica’s best friend. She introduced the two and played the cupid card. 

At that time Amy had sent Monica a screenshot of Sam’s Twitter account and she fell for him through the photos, so Monica asked her bestie to help her win him!!!

Monica and Sam

Guess what, she did! Amy had sent Sam the screenshot of the conversation the two girls had about him and then they decided to video chat through Skype. 

Just like that they started texting but since Monica lived in New York and Sam lived in Chester UK they both thought it was not going to work.

But Monica is not a quitter, she booked the first flight with the excuse she was going to visit Amy when in reality it was Sam the one who she was after. 

As it was exam season as they were students then, Monica could not meet up with Amy due to her having finals and Sam offered that the two explore London together.

Just before their first meeting they were scared that would not like one another and then when they did they were at a loss of words. The phrase of love at first sight comes in right here!!!

Four days after they met, they traveled to France together and stayed there for like a week, had their first date and that’s when Sam popped the question and Monica said yes to being his girlfriend.

From long-distance to marriage

Sam and Monica 

Sam and Monica practically live out of suitcases, jet-setting across the globe for months at a time, only to reunite briefly before jetting off again.

They started dating when they were just 18, and then four years into their relationship Sam felt that they both were ready to take the next chapter in their lives. 

So he decided to propose and he had picked and planned everything out. He and Monica drove together to the proposal place and she was filming through the whole thing without knowing what was happening next. 

After arriving at the destination, he gave Monica his laptop and told her to face the view and look at the video which was him narrating their love story as she got emotional watching it, he prepared his speech. 

The next thing that happened was, that he got down on one knee and uttered those four words ‘Will You Marry Me,’ and just like that they promised happily ever after to one another. 

They got married in 2022 and they did long-distance marriage until six months ago when Sam moved to America to be with his wife, ever since they have bought a house and settled down ready to create their family. 

Sam and Monica have almost 4 million followers on their TikTok page, about 3 million subscribers on YouTube, and another 2 million followers on their Instagram account. 

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