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Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma Relationship Timeline

Rebel Wilson, the funny and loving actress we all know is very much off the market. 

She has found her perfect match in her fiance, Ramona Agruma, and is more than ready for that next step, reports.

However, a lot of ‘sacrifices’ were made along the way for these two to find one another, so let’s take a look at their love story and see what Rebel and Ramona went through to be together.

January 28, 2024: Rebel Wilson celebrates fiance Ramona Agruma’s 40th birthday

Wilson is pulling out all the stops to make her fiance’s 40th birthday unforgettable. 

They’re not just keeping it to themselves either – they’re sharing the excitement of their Las Vegas adventure with their Instagram followers.

Agruma kicked things off by posting a picture of herself, Wilson, and their pals outside a fancy private plane, letting everyone know that the surprise birthday weekend had officially begun.

But Wilson wasn’t about to be outdone. She shared a video of herself busting some moves on the plane, showing off a pimped-out Bumpboxx adorned with pictures of the couple and birthday balloons. Talk about making an entrance!

Once they touched down in Vegas, they headed straight to Sphere Las Vegas for a U2 concert. And guess what? 

They got to enjoy the show from a suite and even received a personal letter from Bono himself. No big deal.

But Wilson wasn’t done showering Agruma with love. She made sure to publicly wish her partner a happy birthday by splashing their picture on a digital billboard at Resorts World. Now that’s some next-level birthday dedication.

Rebele, being the social media queen that she is, shared even more moments from their birthday trip on Instagram. 

And if that wasn’t sweet enough, she even posted a heartwarming video of herself serenading Ramona alongside her friend Kylie Minogue. Now that’s what I call a birthday to remember! 

They did party hard and seemed to have enjoyed their night out as they were spotted returning to their hotel around two in the morning. 

January 2, 2024: Rebel shares pictures of daughter on Instagram

2024 is fabulous, according to Rebel. And you know why? It’s because she kicked off the New Year with her future wife and their adorable one-year-old daughter. Talk about a picture-perfect start!

Rebel took to Instagram to share a bunch of snaps, and let me tell you, the beach in the background is giving major envy. 

But the real stars of the show are baby Royce Lillian, stealing hearts left and right, and Rebel and Ramona with their infectious smiles.

Starting the year surrounded by loved ones? Check! It seems like this power couple knows how to prioritize the good stuff.

Ramona and Rebel are all about keeping their fans in the loop, and their Instagram pages are proof of that.

 From birthday celebrations to anniversaries, and even just random fun moments, they love giving us a glimpse into their fabulous lives.

December 31, 2023: A look back at what has happened 

Rebel Wilson just couldn’t resist showing off her fabulous life in a New Year’s post!

 She put together a video montage of all the amazing moments from 2023, like her swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day engagement with her lovely fiancee Ramona Agruma. 

And let’s not forget about her adorable daughter Royce’s first birthday in November! Oh, and of course, she sprinkled in a few career successes because, well, she’s just that awesome.

“1 engagement to my Disney Princess, 3 movies as an actress, 1 as director, 1 book written (REBEL RISING), 1 dating app FLUID, and 1 thriving baby going on to 1 year old! Wow! See you all in 2024!” she captioned the post. 

December, November 2023: Date nights

Wilson and Agruma are all about that quality time, whether it’s just the two of them or with their little one in tow. 

They’re not afraid to mix business with pleasure and make their dates a family affair. 

But let’s not forget about the three Rs – Rebel, Ramona, and Royce. These beach bums can’t get enough of the sun and water, so it’s no surprise that their dates usually involve sandy shores and boat rides. 

They know how to soak up that vitamin sea! And speaking of beach lovers, these three took their passion to the next level by jetting off to Fiji during the most wonderful time of the year. Talk about a holiday in paradise!

These are a few insights we got to see from this couple because as much as they love to share with the public they do value privacy too.

July 4, 2023: Disneyland trip

Rebel Wilson and her bride-to-be had an absolutely enchanting  Fourth of July celebration at Disneyland. 

The dynamic duo, along with their fabulous friends, took a trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth” and boy, did they make some magical memories! 

Wilson, being the social media queen that she is, documented the entire day on Instagram. She treated us to a delightful selfie video with none other than Mickey Mouse himself and struck a pose with the iconic mascot in his mirror.

For those who do not know why these two love Disney so much, you can find a clue a the beginning of the year as to why!!

March 13, 2023: Rebel and Ramona share a kiss on the red carpet

Rebel Wilson and her fiancée Ramona Agruma were totally stealing the spotlight at the Vanity Fair Oscars party!

Wilson and Agruma made a grand entrance at Vanity Fair’s post-awards bash in Beverly Hills. And boy, did they make heads turn! The lovebirds sealed the deal with a sizzling smooch on the red carpet. 

February 22, 2023: Wedding Planning 

Rebel and Ramona are already busy getting everything ready for their big day, as they want their wedding to be a cozy celebration. 

According to a little bird, the couple desires a wedding that is on the smaller side, maybe medium-sized. They have many loved ones from both sides, but they are aiming to keep it intimate. 

February 19, 2023: Rebel and Ramona are engaged

Rebel made a grand announcement on Instagram about their engagement, which happened to be at the enchanting Disneyland in California.

Rebel got down on one knee with a dazzling 2.55-carat round-cut diamond ring from Tiffany & Co and the Disney proposal had been rumored to have always been a dream of the actress. 

“We said YES! 💗💗 Thank you @tiffanyandco for the stunning ring 💍 and to Bob Iger and the incredible team at Disneyland @disneyweddings for pulling off this magical surprise!” she wrote on Instagram. 

December 24, 2022: First Christmas as parents

Rebel Wilson is getting into the festive spirit as a new mom! 

The actress took to Instagram to share some adorable pictures of her and her partner Ramona Agruma enjoying their first Christmas with their precious bundle of joy, Royce Lillian. 

In the snaps, the couple can be seen all bundled up in their puffer jackets, holding hands in front of a vibrant Christmas tree. 

And let’s not forget about their little one, who is snug as a bug in a stroller. It’s a picture-perfect holiday moment that’s sure to melt your heart!

November 17, 2022: Ramona talks about how it is to be a parent

Ramona opened up about her experience of parenting Royce with Rebel on The Morning Show in Australia. 

She expressed how it has completely transformed her perspective. Instead of focusing solely on herself, her priorities have shifted. 

Ramona explained that now, rather than longing for personal indulgences like a massage, her main desire is to spend quality time with her child and be present at home. 

Agruma described the journey as incredible and life-changing but in a positive and fulfilling manner.

November 7, 2022: Revel and Ramona welcome baby girl

Rebel shocked the world with a major announcement on November 7th—she was now a mom! The actress welcomed a baby girl named Royce Lillian through a surrogate. 

She took to Instagram to share the news, posting an adorable picture of her daughter. In the caption, she expressed her overwhelming pride and love for her little miracle. 

Rebel also expressed her gratitude to everyone involved in the process, especially her amazing surrogate who carried and delivered Royce with such grace and care. 

Starting her own family has been a long journey, and she couldn’t be more thankful. Now, she’s ready to shower little Roycie with all the love in the world. 

Rebel is quickly learning the ropes of motherhood and has immense respect for all the other moms out there. She’s proud to be a part of their club. 

November 5, 2022: Not engaged

A day before rumors started swirling around that Rebel and Ramona had gotten engaged under the radar. 

Rebel wasted no time in clearing up the rumors. According to People, she took to Instagram and shared a photo of her and Ramona at Disneyland, with a caption that read ‘”Thanks for the well wishes but we are NOT engaged!” 

November 3, 2022: Rebel and Ramona collab on a clothing line

Rebel and Ramona made a big announcement! They teamed up to create their very own clothing line. 

Ramona, who is already known for her sustainable clothing brand Lemon Ve Limon and jewelry brand DeLys Joaillerie, convinced Rebel to join her in this exciting venture. 

Rebel took to Instagram to share the news with their fans, revealing that they were working together on a special loungewear collection called R&R Club. 

October, and August 2022: Doing fun activities together 

Instead of going for a couple’s costume on their first Halloween together, Rebel and Ramona decided to dress up as different Barbies (and Ken) in boxes along with three of their friends.

After that, these two went on a tennis date but before that, they spent summertime in Italy enjoying the weather and beaches. 

June 9, 2022: Rebel and Ramona are Instagram official

Rebel Wilson found a Disney princess while looking for a Disney prince. What a surprise!! 

Rebel made it official by sharing a sweet post on Instagram, introducing Ramona as her new girlfriend.

The announcement received an overwhelming amount of love and support from friends, who left heartwarming comments. Ramona responded with a heart emoji.

“I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess 💗🌈💗 #loveislove.” 

May 18, 2022: Rebel Hints at a New Love 

Interest During an interview with People, Rebel revealed that she was in a new relationship. However, she didn’t disclose that it was with Ramona.

March 27, 2022, Rebel and Ramona graced the Oscars together

Ramona accompanied Rebel as his date to the exclusive Vanity Fair Oscars After Party. 

Although they didn’t display any public displays of affection on the red carpet, it was unclear whether they attended the event as friends or something more.

January 19, 2022: Rebel throws a fabulous birthday bash for Ramona 

Long before they officially announced their relationship on social media, we were already catching glimpses of their bond without even realizing it. 

On Ramona’s special day, she shared a radiant photo surrounded by friends at Disneyland. 

Somewhere in 2021: Rebel and Ramona meet 

Someone played Cupid!!

Rebel and Ramona were introduced to one another through mutual friends. First, they started by having conversations over the phone and that’s when the spark started happening. 

With that said, this is everything that has been going on with the couple and this is their love journey.

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