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Rachel and Jay Kwon’s Love Story – From Valentine’s Day Sparks to Wedding Bells

We stan International couples!

Rachel Kwon and her life partner Jaehwan Kwon who is also a former K-pop idol have one of the cutest love stories ever!!! 

Rachel is a popular YouTuber, who has been sharing her life in Korea for years. Throughout the years, she has gained an impressive following of almost 2 million fans across her various social media platforms. 

People eagerly devour her content, which revolves around her daily experiences and her heartwarming love story.

Her husband Jaehwan Kwon is the former leader of the K-pop group N-SONIC which debuted around 2011 and disbanded in 2016 but he has been active since then, reports.

Hey there, all you K-pop fans who are reading this! Listen up, because I’ve got some exciting news for you. 

Believe it or not, there’s a possibility that you could bump into your favorite idol at a club and even go on a date with them. Who knows what fate has in store for you? Keep your hopes up!

The more these two share about their relationship on social media, the more we are interested to know how they met, and how their journey started all the way to getting married and starting a family.


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By the way, since it’s Valentine’s Day today, I thought I’d share some K-Drama-worthy love stories to make your day extra special. 

And for all my fellow single folks out there, remember that you’re not alone. Our time to tell our own love story will come too!!! 

Rachel and Jae’s love story

Rachel moved to Korea in 2014 where she started her career as an English teacher. It was a Friday night and Rachel was out with her girlfriends grabbing dinner. 

As it was getting late, some of them decided to hit the club while others chose to go home.

Rachel, on the other hand, wasn’t ready to call it a night just yet. Her friends convinced her to go clubbing with them, and off they went!

Rachel and Jay got married after almost eight years of dating/Instagram

She wasn’t really thinking about her dating life at that moment, as she hadn’t settled down yet. Rachel was there to have fun and enjoy herself.

While she was dancing and chatting with her friends, she noticed three men in the corner of the club. They caught her eye because of how well-dressed they were.

Although she found these mysterious men intriguing, Rachel didn’t dwell on it too much. She was having a great time talking and laughing with some boys from her hometown in Louisiana.

To her surprise, a dance battle suddenly broke out between the three mysterious men (who happened to be K-pop idols known for their amazing dancing, singing, and rapping skills) and the boys from Rachel’s hometown!

The mysterious men were from the idol band N-SONIC and while the battle went on Rachel was on the sidelines thinking to herself how cool they were and how cool their moves were. 

What caught her eye was that one of the men from the group was wearing a black cap and a face mask and she got intrigued about him.

That’s how Jaehwan also known as J.Heart made a move on Rachel by kissing her on her hand and inviting her for a drink.

They hit it off and instantly exchanged numbers which resulted in another move from Jae’s side.

After the night ended at the club, he texted Rachel and asked her on a date, and guess what they went on their first date on Valentine’s Day!!!

Jay, Rachel, and their baby/Instagram

At first, Rachel thought he was a player and that if the date did not go well she would back away, little did he know that ten years later she would be sharing all the good and the bad moments with him as husband and wife.

It is worth mentioning that these two became parents one year into dating after adopting their adorable puppy.

Jay and Rachel dated for like seven years meaning they got engaged in 2021. J.Heart prepared a surprise birthday proposal for Rachel’s 30th birthday.

Jaehwan proposed to Rachel in the same city where they traveled for the first time together.

He set up a romantic dinner and apologized to her for being late before getting down on one knee and asking her to be his wife! 

The couple got married the following year in a lavish wedding ceremony which was done following Korean traditions.

Rachel wanted to keep only one American tradition where the groom does not see the bride in her wedding dress till she walks down the aisle and she did.

She made this umbrella thing with a sheet to cover her completely and it somehow became big on social media after outlets wrote articles about that.

Those articles however pointed to something else that ignited all sorts of body shaming comments about Rachel’s body and how fragile her body looked.

However, she did not let that bring her down she was just sad that the outlets did not reach her before publishing the articles. 

Jay and Rachel’s wedding picture

Jay on the other hand wrote a song for his wife which he performed on his wedding day!!!

Rachel and Jae are super active on their social media account, especially TikTok! They love sharing all sorts of content, from cute couple moments to awesome dance moves, and even adorable posts about their furry friend!

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