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Noah and Lori’s Love Story: From Tinder to Getting Married and Building Life Together

Tinder is the place to meet the love of your life!!

Noah and Lori have an interesting love story which makes you want to know more and more about them as a duo. 

If you are not familiar with them let me explain, Noah and Lori are one of those TikTok couples who got famous with their couple content especially with the husband being late from work and the wife getting back at him, reports.!

They’ve got a massive fan base on social media, dominating all platforms like a boss! 

Of course, we’re dying to hear all the deets about how they crossed paths, the epic Tinder tale, the start of their relationship, that unforgettable first date and kiss, the swoon-worthy engagement, and how they’re faring in marriage. Spill the tea, please!

Lori and Noah 

Noah and Lori’s story 

It all began with a Tinder match, but not the kind you’d expect between Noah and Lori!

Back in 2016, Lori was living it up with her bestie Jessica when she stumbled upon Noah on Tinder. Can you believe it? Our Noah was actually on Tinder!

I mean, seriously, life can be so unpredictable, right? But let’s give credit where credit is due – Jessica is the real MVP here! Let’s all give her a shoutout!


Replying to @katelynmihrig just your average love story 😆❤️ #fyp #howwemet #couple #married #foryou

♬ original sound – Noah and Lori

Now, here’s where things get interesting. One fine day, Jessica was scrolling through her Instagram feed, and guess who she came across? None other than the cute guy himself, Noah!

Jessica, being the bold and fabulous friend she is, decided to shoot him a message. And guess what? Turns out, these two had matched on Tinder a while back and decided to just be friends. Can you imagine?

But here’s the kicker – back then, Instagram was strictly for close friends and family. So you can imagine Jessica’s surprise when she realized she was following Noah on there too. Talk about a small world, huh? 

Jessica and Noah never met at that time but they connected over social media! At that time Lori and her bestie were living in Arizona while Noah was in England.

Jessica is one of those friends who has your back when it comes to playing stupid, she used to post Lori a lot on her account and it caught Noah’s eye. 

He kind of fell for her and asked this mutual friend of theirs if he could add his future wife on Instagram. 

They started texting and bonding over the phone by face time and just to be clear from 2016 till 2017 they remained nothing more than friends! 

Truth to be told they did not have much expectation of having a relationship as they were living in different countries. 

They were strictly friends for a while and feelings started to change. In January 2018 Noah bought a ticket for Lori so she could visit him in London. 

They spent a week together and realized they wanted to be more than friends and that’s where their relationship began!! 

They met when Noah was 23 and Lori was 25 they got married in 2022 almost four years after they began their romance. 

Lori and Noah’s content 

When they first started doing content, they did take social media by storm. 

They brought this new content to life where they recreated scenes from the books and let me tell you all the booktookers were losing their minds seeing their favorite scenes in action. 

The door frame lean, rom-com parts where they touch hands after crashing into one another or just being cute while adding a little bit of spice with their behind. 


The way my soul left my body 🫠 booktok trend ib @elitereading doorframechallenge doorframelean husband couple couplestiktok couplechallenge

♬ original sound – Noah and Lori

They also do content on their life as a couple, from Noah being late by 2-3 minutes because of work to just doing challenges, they are the IT couple of TikTok nothing can change my mind. 

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