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Miley Cyrus And Her Relationship With Bill Ray Cyrus Has Cracked

Guess the rumors about that feud between Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray are kind of true!

At the 2024 Grammys, which took place last night, Miley first won the award for Best Pop Solo Performance for her hit song “Flowers” before the song also won the Record of the Year award.

An interesting detail that caught everyone’s eyes and ears was that the 31-year-old singer mentioned her family during her acceptance speech but left her dad Bill Ray Cyrus out, reports. 

Miley proceeded to express her gratitude to the individuals present on stage, including Tom, Tyler, Michael, and Greg.

She also acknowledged her teams, such as Crush and Columbia, as well as her mother, sister, loved ones, and close friends. 

Miley’s mom, Tish Cyrus, and sister, Brandi, were both present in the audience during the Grammys.

Miley then turned to the team behind her on stage and asked if there was anyone else to thank, including spouses, fiancées, and all the people they held dear.

She expressed her heartfelt appreciation to everyone. With that, Miley bid farewell to the stage without mentioning her dad.

For months there have been reports of a toxic feud going on between the Cyrus siblings and their father following his split from Tish. 

Here is everything that happened between Miley and Bill Ray causing a crack in their relationship. 

Tish and Bill Ray got divorced

In 2022 after 30 years of marriage, Tish and Bill Ray decided to part ways as a couple. 

The couple had tried to end their marriage twice, once in 2010 and then in 2013 but reconciled both times.

But for the third time, it happened for real without the rekindling of love again. 

And months after that Bill Ray who is 62 years old announced he was in a relationship with Firerose who is three years older than Miley. 

In October 2022 Bill and Firerose announced their engagement via Instagram and they got married the following year.

Tish also found love with actor Dominic Purcell. They made their relationship Instagram official seven months after Tish announced her divorce and got married in August of 2023. 

Miley with her dad Bill Ray

Miley talks about her father

The last time the singer/actress opened up about her father was when she reflected on their careers. 

She did shed some tears while talking about him and how they were brought differently. 

Now when she opened up about him Miley sounded so sincere with a hint of hurt in her voice. 

It is true that when parents divorce that closeness in the home kind of disappears. The marriage of Tish and Bill Ray was long, so going home to visit just won’t be the same anymore. 

So maybe there is no riff going on between father and daughter who knows they might be settling down their differences and trying to get used to ‘new lives’.  

The divorce caused Mileys and Bill Ray’s relationship to crack 

Now the divorce is said to be the start of the downfall between Miley and her father. The singer unfollowed her dad on Instagram and vice versa. 

Also, it has been reported that a riff happened between Cyrus’ siblings after the parents got divorced.

When Trish held her wedding ceremony Miley and Trace were present, the singer was her maid of honor even. 

However, Noah and Braison Cyrus didn’t attend their mother’s wedding.

Miley with her parents

This caused speculations that the kids had chosen sides, with Miley and Trace being with Trish on thin and with Noah and Braison being with Bill Ray.

Noah’s actions on Instagram then sparked even more speculation among fans that she might be taking her dad’s side in the split. 

It was noticed that in August 2022 Noah either unfollowed or blocked Tish, who is also her co-manager.

But, it seems that things have changed since then. At some point, they started following each other again, and currently, they are both on each other’s follow lists.

Then a war on Instagram started between the siblings further fueling rumors that they had taken different sides and were not on talking terms with one another.

Miley and Bill Ray do not follow one another on Instagram nor have they been spotted alongside one another since the divorce, if there are any new updates on their relationship we will make sure to let you all know.

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