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Michel Jordan and Scottie Pippen Are The Reason Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan Broke Up

They were so open about their bedroom antics just a month ago, and now they’ve called it quits!

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have called it quits because of some “tension” in their relationship, according to insiders.

Sources have confirmed that they are no longer together after Larsa deleted all traces of their relationship from her Instagram, which has sparked breakup rumors. 

The couple is taking some time apart due to the “tension” in their relationship, which was supposedly caused by Marcus’ dad, Michael Jordan, publicly disapproving of their relationship, reports. 

Marcus claims that Michael was just joking, but it deeply embarrassed Larsa. On top of that, Michael’s ongoing feud with Larsa’s ex-husband, Scottie Pippen, has also caused some friction for the couple. 

Love is dead apparently!

Can you believe they’ve been together for a whole year? The way Larsa was acting, I could have sworn that it was meant to last way longer than that.

Larsa and Marcus have ended their one-year relationship 

Are Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to blame for Larsa and Marcus’ split

When it comes to Larsa’s relationship with Marcus’ father, two different points of view are presented which point to some clues that are indirectly associated with the breakup! 

Marcus was the initial person to be questioned about how his dad feels about him being in a relationship with Scottie Pippen’s former wife.

It’s important to note that Marcus and Larsa have a significant age difference, with her being 16 years older than him.

As Jordan Junior put it, his dad had a four-word message for him regarding this relationship “You are a grown adult.”

It seemed to me that as long as Marcus is content, he’s genuinely happy. Jordan has never meddled in his son’s romantic affairs prior to Larsa, as Marcus disclosed, and he was quite certain he wouldn’t intervene with her either, as far as I understood. 

Michael and Marcus Jordan/Instagram 

Larsa Pippen on the other hand revealed something close to what Marcus did, but there is a twist at the end. 

Larsa and Marcus Jordan as revealed in an interview have taken their relationship to the next level by introducing their parents to each other.

Larsa mentioned that both families are content and everything is going smoothly. 

When asked if she received Michael’s approval, she firmly stated that he was not interfering and trying to ruin their relationship.

However, MJ’s reaction which came a while back is what we call the twist!!

Michael Jordan is known for speaking his mind, and he’s not holding back when it comes to his son, Marcus, dating Larsa Pippen. 

However, when asked if he approves of their relationship, a simple ‘No’ was all it took to make his stance crystal clear.

Three reasons any parent not just MJ would disapprove of this relationship. The first would be the age gap, and the second one would be that she is the mother of the children Marcus’ father has a feud with.

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen

And lastly, it’s quite strange to see Michael and Larsa together, especially considering Michael’s past with Scottie Pippen, Larsa’s ex-husband.

Back in the day, they were a winning duo, clinching numerous championships in Chicago. However, things have taken a sharp turn since then, and their relationship has completely soured. 

Scottie finds it quite amusing how Michael is clearly upset about his son’s choice of a life partner.

“Scottie and Larsa are still friendly, and Scottie figures anything that gets under Michael’s skin is a victory for him.”

After analyzing the scenario and considering some hints that could possibly be related to the breakup of the couple, I believe that utilizing MJ and the conflict is the most effective solution.

Regardless of the magnitude of the issues or whether they involve an adversary, no parent would prioritize their own interests when the happiness of their children is at stake.

Therefore, the so-called “minor” factors like the age difference, a feud, or any other issues are mentioned simply because they have always existed, not necessarily because they directly contribute to the situation.

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