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May and Nate the TikTok Couple’s Relationship and the Jealousy it Sparks

Affection is one of the main characteristics of this couple.

May and Nate are one of the trending duos on TikTok that took the community by storm with their romance and cute content. 

With a large number of followers on different social media platforms, May and Nate share their everyday journey filled with a lot of love for one another with fans, reports. 

After watching those videos, we feel bad for ourselves to be spending Valentine’s Day alone knowing couples like this will be enjoying the evenings!

Watching May and Nate’s videos together always makes me yearn for love. 

They have such a strong connection that it’s easy to imagine them becoming the next power couple if they decide to tie the knot.

Even if they do not as they are still young, May is 25 and Nate is 26, we still love them like this!

Their love sketches and dances have garnered a massive following on social media, with fans eagerly keeping up with their every move.

They have over 1.1 million followers on their joint account. In early 2020, they made their grand entrance on TikTok. 

Their debut was marked by a video titled, “No one eats the last piece without punishment.” 

While they sure post a lot of amazing content, these two are also models and have separate accounts where they post their outfits of the day and other fashion-related things.

How May and Nate’s relationship started

May and Nate have been together for five years and they have a very adorable love story. 

Nate and May do post a lot about their everyday activities but at the same time remain very private when it comes to some details.

However, fans are very intrigued to know more about them and sometimes they post little videos with some behind meaning to their history together.

The latest post on TikTok shared background information about the two after a fan asked May (a bit disrespectfully) how she managed to pull Nate. 

May and Nate/Instagram 

A little background story why. May has been often ‘bullied’ about her physique and weight which if you ask me is very judgmental.

A lot of followers have directed different types of questions to her questioning Nate’s love for her. 

While there are negative comments about their romance other fans have stepped up with full support for them and are extremely fond of the couple.

A breakdown of May and Nate’s content

May and Nate teamed up with Jason Derulo for an awesome dance video! It’s cool to see them collaborate with such a big name in the industry. 

They always bring a positive and real vibe to everything they do, whether it’s discussing body proportions, sharing their travel adventures, or even opening up about their own struggles.

Both Nate and May are attractive, but it’s clear that May steals the hearts of their fans. Just take a look at the comments on their posts!

One of their TikTok videos, where they talk about their goal of traveling the world together, is a fan favorite. It’s so adorable to see them share their dreams and aspirations.

This particular video has gained a whopping 6.7 million views, and people can’t help but comment on how amazing it would be to have a partner to explore the world with. It’s definitely a dream to become true for many!

May and Nate face negativity a lot

‘He can do better, ‘How tf did you manage to pull him,’ ‘You can do better ma boy’ are some of the most noticeable comments in every post the couple makes. 

It’s funny how some people can’t help but be envious of May and Nate’s love, even though I personally don’t understand why. Their love is so pure and adorable, it’s hard not to be happy for them.

Despite all the negative comments that try to bring May down, she remains absolutely stunning. And it’s incredible how Nate always stands up for her against those comments.

Love isn’t just about physical appearance or superficial things, because those things fade over time. It’s about what’s in the heart and mind, the deeper connection between two people.

At the end of the day, beauty won’t be the one raising your children or building a strong foundation for a relationship. It’s the mindset and values that truly matter.

Everyone seems to be rooting for May and Nate to take their relationship to the next level, and who knows, maybe a wedding or engagement is in their future. If anything happens with the couple, we’ll definitely keep everyone updated.

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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