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Machine Gun Kelly’s New Song Hints at Relationship Changes with Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly’s heartfelt rap track ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ delves into his own battles, painful memories from his childhood, and the heart-wrenching experience of Megan Fox’s miscarriage including some new changes coming their way.

Experiencing a miscarriage can shatter one’s self-trust and self-compassion. 

This may lead women to feel various negative emotions towards their bodies, such as anger, guilt, disappointment, or frustration for not being able to carry the pregnancy to term.

Dads feel the heartbreak of miscarriages too.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that men can also be deeply affected by the physical aspect of miscarriage. 

Although they may not experience the physical pain themselves, many fathers feel a mix of frustration, anger, and helplessness in their inability to assist their partner.

MGK expressed his emotions regarding his fiancée Megan Fox’s miscarriage in the lyrics of his latest track “Don’t Let Me Go,” reports.

In the song, MGK reflects on the challenging period by rapping, a few heart-felt lines which we will put down below;

How can I live with the fact/

That my hand wasn’t on her stomach when we lost the baby?/

I don’t got no one to turn to

I don’t know when I look in the mirror

Constantly dreadin’ the day

That the audience might not be screaming for me anymore

The feeling of dying alone

And not leaving anything behind is my biggest fear

Kiss the person that I love

As if I’m never coming back after I leave out the door

I’m not really into his music, but those lyrics seem genuine. There’s definitely some profound pain behind them, and the guy is really pouring his heart out.

MGK recently added more depth to his song by getting a bold tattoo that covers his entire chest and arms. He mentioned that it was done for spiritual reasons. 

MGK with Megan Fox and her kids from her previous marriage/CelebCandidly

The more I look at the tattoo including the reason why it has been done and the more i listen to the song this thought crosses my mind millions of times. What if MGK is making an announcement?

Since he has covered almost all of his tattoos and the line of his song ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ are somewhere along the lines; 

Lately, my thoughts eating me alive

Laid in the bed

Thinkin’ maybe the hate’ll finally go away if I’m not alive

Wish I didn’t listen

Just like I wish they would understand me one time

I had a breakdown and tatted my entire body except one line

What if he is announcing that he and Meghan are starting fresh, or that he and her have parted ways for good?

Even though they have been spotted more and more in each other’s company in recent months everyone will be heartbroken these two twin flames decide to part ways.

Did the miscarriage cause any damage to Megan and MGK’s relationship?

At the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, Machine Gun Kelly took the stage after walking the red carpet with his fiancée, Megan Fox, in Las Vegas. 

During his performance, he dedicated his song “Twin Flame” to Megan and their unborn baby, expressing his love and support. 

Many people are curious about how this loss affected their relationship. 

There are two perspectives to consider. The first is that Megan and Kelly were incredibly supportive of each other during this difficult time, which helped them navigate through their loss together.

 However, the second perspective suggests that their relationship faced challenges after the miscarriage.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been dating for four years/Instagram

They experienced ups and downs, as they both struggled to move past the pain of losing something they had always wanted. 

As a result, trust became an issue, and they faced various obstacles along the way.

Not every relationship remains healthy forever, and it’s crucial to recognize that they have the potential to evolve. 

Human emotions are vast and intricate, but love stands out as one of the most profound. Love manifests in different ways and takes on various forms. 

 Megan and MGK began their relationship in 2020 and have had a rollercoaster ride whatever is the next update on their journey together we will let you know. 

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