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Lucia Liu and Jason Chen’s Love Story: From Their First Meeting to Marriage

Did you guys catch the latest TikTok trend where married couples refer to their spouses as their boyfriends and girlfriends? 

I stumbled upon Lucia Lui and Jason Chen doing it and I couldn’t resist finding out more about this adorable couple.

And I was even more excited to see that this is a short king and tall queen love story, with Lucia being two inches taller than Jason, reports.

Oh please, who cares about height when it comes to love? I’m all for this short king and tall queen love story! Let’s focus on the love, people!

Lucia is basically ruling TikTok with her nearly 6 million followers, leaving Jason in the dust with his three million. And let’s not even get started on their other social media accounts, where they have a few more millions scattered around.

Jason Chen and Lucia Liu/YouTube

Lucia Lui and Jason Chen’s love story is absolutely adorable, which is why we won’t waste any more time and dive right into all the details from their initial encounter to their first impressions, becoming a couple, and getting engaged. Let’s unravel their beautiful journey together. 

How Jason and Lucia met 

For those who do not know Jason Chen is a singer and a while back, he was invited to China to be part of The Voice as a judge. 

Lucia also sings and she went there as a contestant and that’s where they met. However, they did not start dating right away as the female singer had a boyfriend at that time but they decided to remain friends.

When Lucia first saw Jason she thought he was cute even before meeting him in person as people backstage described him as this adorable yet talented guy then when she saw him the first thing that crossed her mind was his height. 

But when Jason saw Lucia for the first time well he thought she had it all, the beauty, the talent minus the singing part but she owned the stage either way. 


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Jason and Lucia have been together for 8 years however, the singer never asked his girl out they kind of fell into this pattern they had created and did not feel like asking one another for their status, they just knew. 

Lucia has always been the first one to tell the guy she likes them or ask them out because she did not want to miss her chance. 

That’s how they started dating, she asked Jason for his number and then told him that she goes to LA a lot and that the two should meet sometime. 

Chen texted her first and that’s when he realised she had a boyfriend and decided to step back and just be friends with her!!

Lucia and Jason/YouTube

Four months later Liu had broken up with her boyfriend and was shooting something in LA when she decided to hit Jason out for a date. 

Oh, and Jason has written a couple of songs about his girlfriend Lucia after they started dating officially!! These two also have collaborated on a song called ‘Limited Edition.

Inside Lucia and Jason’s proposal

It hasn’t been that long since Jason popped the question to Lucia, only about two or three weeks ago. 

Jason had told Lucia they were going to film a TikTok video together, so they headed to the spot where they first met and where their love story began.

Standing side by side on the stage, Jason surprised Lucia with flowers, pretending it was all for the video and even asking her to act a bit annoyed for the camera.

Little did Lucia know, Jason had written an entire song just to propose to her. When she realized what was really going on, she couldn’t hold back her emotions and tears started flowing.

The lyrics of the song recounted their first encounter, how he instantly fell for her, and how his love for her would endure even as they grew old together.

Amidst tears and overwhelming emotions, Jason got down on one knee and asked Lucia to make him the happiest man alive by agreeing to marry him. 

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