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Lauren Riihimaki (Laurdiy) and Jeremy Michael Got Married: Their Love Story

Lauren Riihimaki (LaurDIY) and Jeremy Michael have officially tied the knot! 

For those who are new to their story, Lauren is known for her DIY videos while Jeremy is an entrepreneur.

With millions of followers on social media, we’ve been following their cute love story for years now. We couldn’t be happier for them as they start this new chapter in their lives. 

From cute couple photos on Instagram to heartfelt messages on their YouTube channels, 

Lauren and Jeremy have always been open about their relationship and the love they have for each other, reports. 

They have supported each other through thick and thin, and their bond has only grown stronger over time. 

Their wedding day was a beautiful celebration of their love, with family and friends gathered to witness their union. 

The ceremony was filled with laughter, tears, and heartfelt vows that truly captured the essence of their relationship.

 As they start this new chapter as husband and wife, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lauren and Jeremy.

 They are a true power couple, inspiring others with their love and dedication to each other. 

Congratulations to Lauren and Jeremy on their marriage! May their love continue to shine bright and bring them endless happiness. Cheers to the newlyweds!

As they embark on this journey together, let’s take a moment to look back on their romance – from their first meeting, first date, first kiss, to this very special moment of them saying “I do”.

Lauren and Jeremy’s Journey 

Six months after Lauren had an online breakup with another social media personality she started dating Jeremy!!

That is the reason behind her decision to keep this romance private, while the two gave glimpses of their relationship nothing else was said. 

There were no vlogs or videos talking about how they met, their vacationing together, and other things. 

They kept it private for a while till they got more comfortable with the internet and then slowly started sharing more about themselves and their romance.

These two met in 2017 after Lauren released a parody of a song on YouTube and it went big. Jeremy’s company distributed her song. 

That is when they crossed paths for the first time, at a meeting about that one video, the thing is that then both of them were in committed relationships, Lewis was engaged while the DIY queen had a boyfriend!! 

After they broke up with their partners due to things not working out, they both went on Hinge connected and asked one another out. 

These two have been together for at least seven years and have built a career together on social media. 

Three years ago they opened up their own podcast ‘Wild’ till 9’ which has over 180 episodes and often features celebrities with whom they freely converse about different topics.

Then there are also those episodes where it is just Lauren and Jeremy and they reveal things about their relationship!!

After six years of dating, it was finally time to pop the question and promise forever to each other, so Jeremy came up with the perfect plan!!

It was a dreamy proposal! It had the beach, roses, and everything it needed to be a movie-worthy type of marriage proposal.

Lauren and Jeremy got engaged in January 2023 and it went something like this… 

Lauren and her future husband went on a normal date, however before that, he had told her to get ready, dress well, and even get her nails done. 

And just like that they went to the place where it was supposed to happen and the rest is history. They tied the knot a few days ago!!! 

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