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Landon Barker Is Struggling to Let Go of Charli D’Amelio, While She Has Moved On

Landon Barker is belting his heart out in a fresh breakup anthem dedicated to Charlie D’Amelio, which low-key doubles as a desperate plea for her to return.

He made it clear that the song is a reminder that some people will always have a hold on you, even after they’re gone. 

Seems like he’s struggling to move on from heartbreak and the rollercoaster of emotions that come with it, especially after investing so much time and emotion into a relationship, reports. 

The song’s lyrics are basically a cry for help, but then Landon switches it up and starts singing about being okay and moving on, even if it means kicking the bucket. It’s a bit unsettling, but hey, that’s the beauty of music.

Let’s save the lyrics for later and dive into the details about his relationship with Charlie. But before we do that, can we please discuss the music video?

The MV starts off with Barker’s eyes filled with pain and then transitions to a dark-haired girl who bears a striking resemblance to D’Amelio. 

Throughout the entire video, we witness two contrasting sides of their story. On one hand, we see Landon and his girlfriend creating beautiful memories together, while on the other hand, we witness his struggle to move on from her, symbolized by the destruction of everything they once built. 

The video seamlessly transitions from happy moments to intense fights, ultimately concluding with a scene of his girlfriend moving on from him. 

This left me wondering if there was infidelity involved or if Landon is simply portraying it that way to suggest that Charlie has already moved on while he is still fighting to get over her.

Analyzing the lyrics of ‘Over You’

Sure, let’s break down the lyrics of the song “Over You” by Landon Barker:

Lyric: “I can’t get out of bed / Your voice inside of my head/Our favorite song on repeat / I tried my best to forget”

Meaning: Despite their efforts to move on, reminders of their relationship are everywhere. The repetition of their favorite song serves as a constant reminder, making it difficult for the singer to let go and forget about their ex.

Lyric: “All of the words that you said / Act like it’s nothing to me/ This happens every time / I wish that I could rewind”

Meaning: The singer recalls hurtful words spoken by their ex, but they try to appear unaffected by them, putting on a façade of indifference even though they’re deeply affected.

The pain of the breakup feels repetitive, and the singer wishes they could turn back time and change the course of their relationship to avoid the heartache they’re experiencing now.

Lyric: “And end things differently / But can’t bring myself to move on/ I miss you now that you’re gone / I feel it terminally/ Yeah, ’cause I can’t help myself”

Despite wanting to rewrite history and have a different outcome, the singer finds themselves unable to let go of the past and move forward.

Barker acknowledges the profound sense of loss they feel now that their ex is no longer in their life. The word “terminally” suggests that this feeling of longing is deep and seemingly incurable.

The singer admits their inability to control their emotions or stop themselves from thinking about their ex, highlighting the stronghold their past relationship still has on them.

Landon Barker and Charlie De’Amelio dated for almost two years

Chorus: “But I’ll get over you / Baby, over my dead body/ There’s nothing I can do / ‘Cause you were never just somebody/ I  still remember / The highs, the lows / You come, you go / You leave me broken, black, and blue”

 Despite the pain and difficulty of letting go, the singer is determined to move on from their ex, even if it feels like an insurmountable task.

The singer acknowledges the significance of their past relationship, recognizing that their ex was more than just a passing fling but someone who deeply impacted their life.

Landon reflects on the rollercoaster of emotions they experienced with their ex, from the highs of love to the lows of heartbreak. Their ex’s presence in their life was tumultuous, leaving them feeling emotionally battered and bruised.

The lyrics capture the raw emotion and turmoil of trying to navigate the aftermath of a breakup, showcasing the struggle to reconcile the desire to move forward with the lingering memories and feelings of love and loss.

Charlie D’Amelio is living her best life

Landon and Charlie called it quits in early February 2024, and let me tell you, this girl has been absolutely slaying it ever since! We’ve been low-key stalking her social media accounts, and let me just say, she’s been living her best life!

Ever since the breakup, she’s been all over every social media platform, especially TikTok. I mean, she’s been posting every single day! Talk about dedication, right?


the other sound got removed 🙁 dc @cam @layaaaaa

♬ original sound – Remi Bates

Now, during this breakup month, Charlie has been attending all sorts of events. And let me tell you, from what we’ve seen with our own eyes (thanks to those videos), she’s been handling things like a boss! It seems like she’s picked up the pieces and moved on like a pro. You go, girl!

The most inspiring thing about Charlie’s post-breakup glow-up is her positive mindset. Despite the heartbreak, she’s radiating confidence and happiness.

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