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Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade Used Their Relationship For Public Attention

Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade’s relationship seems to have turned cold. 

After Kyle’s guest appearance on Jeff Lewis’s podcast, she made it clear that her relationship with Morgan is strictly platonic. There’s nothing more to it than just being friends.

The moment the confirmation was made, a fierce battle erupted on social media between the two ladies. Morgan initiated it, and Kyle delivered the ultimate judgment!

Morgan Wade caused some concern when she decided to delete all the pictures of the friendly duo from her social media. People started speculating about a possible feud between them, reports.

One thing, Richards still has photos of her and Morgan on her page!

The time of this ‘Instagram battle’ seemed suspicious to many. Why right after Kyle’s announcement?

An honest opinion would be that she used all the drama with Kyle as marketing. 

I think Morgan spotted a chance to gain some attention alongside Kyle, which could help her music career and potentially open doors in the entertainment industry. 

It’s during the months of November to February when music festivals usually reveal their upcoming performers, and Morgan’s name has been popping up quite frequently. 

On top of that, she’s even going to be an opening act for Alanis Morrisette’s summer tour. With all these significant opportunities coming her way, Morgan is likely thinking that she no longer relies on Kyle. 

But then again did Morgan really need Kyle or the media attention to book those shows, I think not as she is a talented musician.

Another reason why Wade decided to delete her pictures with Richards on Instagram, could be because artists tend to do it a lot as they are about to announce new music.

However, she did leave two posts up from her tour announcements and she still is following Kyle and vice versa. 

So it is safe to say that they are still friends. Richards seems to have confirmed this part herself after she was spotted by paparazzi and bombarded with questions regarding this. 

She replied that Morgan has new music coming out and all is good between them.

Kyle and Morgan

Did Kyle and Morgan use their relationship for attention?

Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards’s relationship started right around the time when the new season of ‘The Real Housewives of Bverlyhill’ started. 

It was October the month when the news of a possible romantic relationship between Morgan and Kye started and so did the show. 

All fingers are pointing towards the fact that they did use it for attention.

Before this season, I used to roll my eyes and think that her and Morgan’s relationship was just made up for the show. 

But now that I’ve watched the actual season, it’s clear that they genuinely have a relationship with intriguing dynamics. 

Kyle has some fascinating connections with her girlfriends, and it’s evident that she’s going through significant changes in herself and her life. 

It’s unfair and immature to dismiss it all as a publicity stunt. I haven’t come across anything that suggests her and Morgan’s relationship is a joke. 

Morgan and Kyle

With the season coming to an end all sorts of theories are coming to light by fans for what’s bound to happen next. 

Fans speculate that since the season is finished… the storyline is also over and Kyle, as usual, will be crying next to Andy. In the next season, she and Mo will be “working things out”.

But, I think that we are overwatching these ‘clues’ of their friendship. It seems that these two are friends but not as close as the media portrays it.

Kyle has mentioned on her appearance on Jeff Lewis’s podcast that she has other friends but the media keep on tackling her and Morgan together. 

So maybe all that media coverage of their relationship is what made them get close in the first place!?? 

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