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Kyle Richards Accidentally Fell for Morgan Wade

Sooner or later it will come to light!

Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade have become the hottest topic in town with their unexpected friendship. And guess what?

We’re not the only ones who thought there was something more going on between them. Even Rihanna has joined the club, reports!

Sooner or later, the truth always comes to light. Kyle must think we’re all fools if she believes we won’t notice her sneaky behavior of bringing Morgan around while pretending not to want to talk about it. 

Richards let’s face it – she’s got a serious issue with being real and honest, especially with herself.

It’s like she’s playing a never-ending game of hide and seek with the truth. Girl, if she could just embrace the power of openness and honesty, she could be the most fascinating and captivating housewife ever. But until then, we’re stuck with a whole lot of smoke and mirrors.

We’re eagerly waiting to witness the unfiltered and authentic bond between Kyle and Morgan in the highly anticipated reunion of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. 

But for now, let’s indulge in all these theories floating around and not overlook the undeniable evidence that suggests a connection between Wade and Richards.

Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards 

Kyle & Morgan – def more than friends

The reason I’m convinced is that Kyle is exactly like that girl from high school who completely changes her personality depending on who she’s dating. 

As soon as she started hanging out with Morgan, she started getting tattoos and stopped drinking

After 54 years without any tattoos, her first one is dedicated to Morgan. She even changed her fashion style, ditching the glamorous look for ripped jeans and graphic tees. 

Even if it didn’t turn physical, it was definitely an emotional affair, and I have a feeling they’re going to show it developing throughout the entire season. 

Kyle even gifted Morgan a Birkin bag, and Morgan wears a 20k Rolex every time she performs, which Kyle gave her. 

It’s clear they want to keep people hooked. Now that Kyle has mentioned her impending divorce, a lot of things are starting to make sense.

Morgan and Kyle

Kyle and Mauricio were in an open relationship

I’ve been wondering, if Kyle was really cheating on Mauricio and having an affair with Morgan Wade, why would she be so open about it on social media and post so many pictures? 

If you were cheating and trying to keep it a secret from your partner, would you really be posting pictures, going out in public together, commenting openly, and being seen with someone who isn’t one of your usual female friends?

There is this theory that Kyle and Mauricio may have agreed to an open marriage or were just testing the waters. 

There have always been rumors about Mauricio and other women, but nothing has ever been proven to show that he’s cheating. 

If you’re in an open marriage, and Morgan is your ‘open partner,’ and your husband knows about it, then it wouldn’t be strange to comment, like, take photos, and be open about it because, to the public, it would just look like a friendship.

Maybe some people believe that this is all just a publicity stunt, and who knows, maybe it is! 

However, I highly doubt that Kyle would purposely bring negative attention to her marriage just for the sake of the show. 

The Umansky family 

She values her image and the reputation of her family as portrayed on the show. I don’t think either of them would go to such lengths just for attention for their respective shows.

In my opinion, Kyle made a mistake, fell in love (I mean, matching tattoos? Come on!), and boundaries were crossed. 

Now, they’re both trying to figure out how to handle the situation and what kind of image they want to present.

It’s important to note that they made it clear that this wasn’t about cheating or any wrongdoing on anyone’s part. They can’t openly discuss their open marriage and all the complexities that come with it.

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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