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Kim Kardashian’s Romance with Odell Beckham Jr vs Pete Davidson Since They Broke Up

Looks like Kim Kardashian‘s fling with Odell Beckham Jr. crashed and burned before it even had a chance to spread its wings. Talk about a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it romance!

It appears that they were trying to figure out the next step in their relationship, but they were unsure about how to bring it to a close.

However, all jokes aside, Kim has been in two relationships since her divorce from Kanye, and to me, it looks like both of her new relationships ended similarly, reports. 

Both were short-lived and did not pass the one-year mark, The media made her feel again like she was in a very serious relationship not to forget that she was sneaking around when she was in these relationships. 

Too sad it ended with Pete and even sadder it ended with Odell but the good news is that we can compare the two and find out who was the most compatible one with Kardashian!!

Odelle Beckham Jr vs Pete Davidson 

Let’s start by talking about how Kim and Pete met. They actually met through mutual friends, just like how she met Odell. But here’s the thing, their connection wasn’t just about friendship. It was love at first sight for them!

Now, both of their relationships were kept pretty private. And let me tell you, we fans don’t appreciate it when our favorite celebrities keep their love lives a secret. We want all the juicy details!

But despite their efforts to keep things low-key, their relationship still got a lot of attention. It’s like the more they tried to hide it, the more people wanted to know about it. And unfortunately, all that publicity ended up causing some problems for them as a couple.

Now, let’s talk about Kim’s different approaches to dating these two guys. With Odell, it was one way. But with Pete, it was a whole different story. 

Kim K and Odelle Beckahm Jr. 

Speaking of Pete and Kim, they were such a cute couple. I mean, who doesn’t love a funny guy? They had a great chemistry together, and it showed. 

Their relationship lasted for about ten months, and even though they tried to keep it under wraps, some details did leak out. Like how their romance started with a kiss on screen during Kim’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. 

From there, things just took off. They went on double dates with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, went on vacations together, and even attended big events like the Met Gala as a couple. 

Pete was so smitten with Kim that he even got four tattoos dedicated to her. Talk about commitment! Kim admitted that she felt a connection with Pete during their SNL sketch, so she took the initiative to pursue the relationship.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian 

But unfortunately, their love story wasn’t meant to last. After nine months of dating, Kim and Pete decided to call it quits in the first week of August. It’s always sad when a relationship comes to an end, but hey, at least they had some great memories together.

Her romance with Odell Beckham Jr. was the opposite of the one we just talked about. If we count the parties they attended, Kim K and Beckahm Jr were spotted together about three times.   

For the other part, it was just rumors and sources revealing left and right that they were hanging out and it was revealed the same way that they were not seeing one another anymore.

Truth to be told I liked Kim with Pete more, but the only reason is because we got to see them interact more vs Kardashian and Odell well we never saw them in the same frame. 

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