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Keeping up With the Cyrus Family Drama but What About Miley and Noah Cyrus’ Relationship

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been Keeping Up With the Cyruses, let me break it down for you.

Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus went through a messy divorce, and now everyone in the family has taken sides. It’s like a war zone, with no one talking to each other.

What is going on is that Noah Cyrus is accusing her own mom of stealing her boyfriend. Can you believe that? I’m just as baffled as you are.

It seems like 24-year-old Noah is feeling a bit miffed because her dear old momma, Tish, went ahead and tied the knot with Prison Break hottie Dominic Purcell. And get this, rumor has it that Noah might have even dated him in the past! Drama, drama, drama!

And to make matters worse Miley Cyrus never knew her sister Noah dated Tish’s husband before the two got married nor did she hear about the drama surrounding their love triangle, reports. 

By far this is the most complicated and messy family drama you’ve ever witnessed. The Cyrus family is bringing the drama, and we’re all here for it.

The Cyrus Family 

But you know what drama I’m really invested in? The one between Miley and Noah. Are they still as close as they used to be? Do they spill all their secrets to each other like they used to?

Lately, it seems like the Cyrus sisters have lost that special bond. No interactions, no pictures together, and no mentions of each other. It gets stranger after Miley did not allegedly know anything about the dating part or anything!

Noah and Miley’s relationship

Are Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus really heading towards a sisterly showdown, or is it all just a bunch of gossip? 

Miley and Noah have always had each other’s backs, but could there be trouble in paradise? 

Noah has been vocal about the struggles of living in Miley’s shadow, but does that mean there’s a storm brewing between the sisters?

There have been hints scattered everywhere about the strained relationship between the two!

Did you catch that interview where Miley, the older sister, opened up about Noah and her concerns about her younger sister’s struggles, particularly with her identity.

Noah responded to the interview by accusing her sister of being disrespectful towards her!

Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus

I understand where Noah is coming from – she constantly feels overshadowed by her sister and no matter how hard she tries to establish her own identity, she’s always seen as Miley’s sister!

Comparing yourself to others can limit your potential and prevent you from discovering your own unique strengths and abilities.

Maybe it’s not the most accurate comparison, but let’s learn something from Frozen. Princess Elsa has magical abilities and outshines her younger sister Princess Anna. 

Yet, Anna realizes she possesses a unique power that her sister hasn’t unlocked: selfless love.

So, if Noah would look at things differently she would definitely understand that she is as special as her older sister. 

If this is the only thing that caused a feud between the two then I have some advice for everyone who finds themselves in these two artists shoes. The best thing would be to change your perspective. 

Focus on your strengths and compare yourself to them. Even better, avoid criticizing yourself and others. It’s a never-ending cycle. 

Appreciate what you already have. Embrace your true self. Make the most of your abilities. Stay flexible.

Miley, Billy Ray, & Noah Cyrus 

After all this talk I also did some snooping around their social media and truth be told there are no posts involving the two or the family but at least they are following one another.

Also to answer the question, do they not talk to each other in their family?

Nope, they might as well be living in different galaxies. The family dynamics have been shattered ever since Billy Ray and Tish called it quits.

The kids, being the little rebels they are, decided to pick sides and create their own little war zone. It’s like a silent treatment marathon in that household. 

Noah has completely cut off communication with both Miley and Tish, while those two still manage to exchange a few words. It’s a real-life soap opera, I tell ya.

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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