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Kay and Tay’s Love Story – From Divorce and Cheating To Finding Their Forever Home In Each Other

I do not know why they are called the ‘cringe couple’ but they are adorable!!!

Kay and Tay Dudley are one of the hottest rising TikTok couples who gained 4.5 million followers within a year. 

These two not only have created a family in social media, but they also have grown their family by welcoming a daughter in November 202, reports.  

Kay and Tay’s life fully changed when they started making content on social media to share their memories! 

The duo decided to make a New Year’s Resolution to post every day for the year 2022, and that resolution was the beginning of their viral journey!

Kay went from a registered dental assistant to a full-time content creator within a year. 

But these two did not have it easy it has been a rollover for the two as much as it has been a success. 

To explain why, let’s walk down their memory lane, from failed marriages to cheating, to falling in love, growing a family, and dealing with online rage.

Kay and Tay have two daughters/Instagram

Kay and Tay’s story

Tay and Kay Dudley crossed paths in a quaint Oklahoma town. While she was a true local, born and bred there, he found himself stationed there during his military tenure.

The money they had saved up was meant for their wedding, but after some consideration and the stress that comes with it, they decided to use it for a backpacking trip in Europe instead. 

Neither of them came from wealthy backgrounds and they were always working hard. Kay worked as a dental assistant while Tay was studying engineering at the time. 

Tay was serving in the Air Force and had been stationed in Oklahoma for about a year before being deployed, which was when they first met.


Oh wow! She has some CRAZY plans for us! 😂 backstory ::: Kay said that she didn’t want to do anything for her birthday because I had been sick! She said that she just wanted to relax so that I could feel better. 🥹 I didn’t want to just skip over her birthday, because we only get to do this another 50 times or so! 😅 So I told her to stay in the room for a few minutes, got some little decorations set up, and all of the girls got dressed up for her birthday surprise! ❤️ After setting up, i got her and showed her the birthday surprise! She loved it! We ate cake, sang happy birthday, and then got our computers set up so we could play some games together! I had such an amazing night with her and I’m so thankful to be able to make memories with her for another year! ❤️ #kayandtayofficial #couples #relationships #pregnant #postpartum

♬ original sound – ✨Kay and Tay✨

They were introduced to each other through mutual friends in November 2015 and felt an instant connection. However, nothing happened until their friends intervened and asked for Kay’s phone number to pass it on to Tay. 

That’s how their story began! 

When they first started creating content, they didn’t have much knowledge about it and simply followed trends. But then they decided to switch things up, with Tay filming Kay just being herself, and that helped them gain popularity on various social media platforms. 

Their content is incredibly sweet, and when I see how cute, precious, thoughtful, and loving they are towards each other, I can’t help but wonder if they ever disagree. 

Well, they do have their disagreements, but they see it as a healthy part of their relationship rather than a red flag.

Kay was married before

Kay got married at the young age of 18, and just a year later, she became a mother to her first daughter Kinsley, who is now 12 years old. 

However, she chooses not to share her daughter’s photos or information online.

Unfortunately, Kay’s marriage was far from perfect. They constantly fought and put a lot of pressure on her, making her life difficult.

Eventually, Kay made the tough decision to get a divorce and share custody of her daughter with her ex-husband. 

Despite the challenges, Kay’s daughter has become Tay’s best friend, and they share a strong bond.

Kay is incredibly grateful for Tay, as he has brought so much joy into her life, even though she had to overcome many obstacles. 

This is what true love is all about – being there for each other in the present moment, without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Kay and Tay/Instagram

Kay had never hidden the fact that she had a daughter when she first met Tay, in the first few conversations she made sure to let him know and introduced them to one another six months into the relationship.

Kay was 22 a mother and divorced and she was scared to fall in love again after being hurt badly.

Tay and Kay were friends for 3 to 4 months fighting the spark between them as they were afraid of committing to one another and after months they decided to go into a relationship.

She didn’t trust men, and he didn’t trust women, but they trusted each other because they understood each other.


The way she was smiling and yelling back! 😂 #couples #relationships #kayandtayofficial IB: @🌻Meg and Jack🌻

♬ original sound – ✨Kay and Tay✨

Tay’s ex-wife cheated on him

Tay married his high school fiance.

When he was deployed his then-wife got pregnant after she cheated on him. Tay learned the news while he was in Afghanistan and he was young so everyone at the camp was worried about him.

He found out about her cheating through text as she texted him back then the two had been married for about a year. 

Tay also thought he won’t trust anyone ever again and he was not open to finding love. 

Kay had finalized her divorce in April and in November Tay and her met and matched so well that they became best friends and they learned trust again.

They put their full focus on their relationship and did not start trying to have babies until a few months into the relationship.


SHE IS HERE! ❤️🐣 Please be patient while we spend some bonding time with her! We will reveal her to you all very soon! ❤️ Next time you see us, we will no longer be on a pregnancy journey and will be on a new adventure! 🥰 Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey with us! We can’t wait to see what comes next! #kayandtayofficial #couples #relationships #pregnant

♬ original sound – ✨Kay and Tay✨

Once their relationship got strong they decided to get financially stable and then try to create a family.

When Kay found out she was pregnant she was so shocked and surprised Tay when they moved into their new apartment.

Fans find the couple cringe 

Some fans think the couple posts fetish content and are being cringed with their videos.

However, after you read their story together you will realize that they are not doing just for the camera.

They both got hut in their previous relationships and gave their all in this one without hiding their affection and all that.

After their recent appearance on ‘The Unplanned Podcast’ made the couple’s followers see another side of them and understand their content better now.

Here is what they have said about the two:

“Now that I know their backstories, I like them even more,” one fan wrote in the comments section.

While another one said, “Kay And Tay, you are the definition of Self Reflection, Healing, and Couple Goals. Thank you for sharing more of your story. Knowing now that both of you had a rough past of your own,  yet still managed to conquer that pain and turn it into something so beautiful and so loving,  is what truly gives me more hope for this world.

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