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Kate Hudson’s One Year Without Men Led Her to Danny Fujikawa

Kate Hudson’s therapist straight up said, “Girl, take a whole year off from dating those dudes!”

This happened a while ago and she was in her 30’s and all of her relationships kind of went the same way so she felt like she had set a pattern, reports. 

Kate Hudson clearly has a weakness for musicians. I mean, she’s been down the aisle with Chris Robinson, the frontman of The Black Crowes, and even has a little rockstar son with him. 

And let’s not forget about her other son with ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy from Muse. Oh, and did I mention she’s got a daughter with her current fiancé and musician, Danny Fujikawa? This girl really knows how to keep the rhythm in her love life! 

So in order to not repeat these patterns this therapist gave her one relationship advice which she had to 100% do.

The actress loved to text boys, flirt, and do all the fun stuff however even though it was very hard for her Hudson, she stopped doing all of those especially giving her number away!

Kate Hudson with her husband and daughter

And that is how she changed, Kate started not to care about boys anymore or their attention, and the desire to have anything to do with flirting started to go away. 

Believe it or not, Hudson who has quite the dating record in the span of six months forgot how to flirt and the pull or the need to always have the attention of boys vanished completely.

This one year of being single turned into three years and a half with Kate just enjoying her time!

Also, Kate says this one piece of advice and the change that came from it is the reason she met her now lover, Danny Fujikawa. 

Kate Hudson was attracted to bad boys but her fiance is the opposite of that

The actress made it crystal clear on the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast that she’s always been drawn to the type of strong, fiery, maybe slightly toxic men – in a nutshell, bad boys.

So, after three years of flying solo, she suddenly saw men in a whole new light. Her husband may have all the traits of a strong leader, but to her, he’s also a mix of gentle annoyance and unyielding strength. 

Hudson and the talented Danny Fujikawa have been an item for a solid six years now, but their history goes way back over a decade when they were acquainted through Fujikawa’s stepsisters. 

Kate and her daughter Rani 

Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa went from being friends to lovers.

Their adorable daughter, Rani Rose, is already six years old. The engagement news was dropped in September 2021, and the wedding planning is still in full swing.

It’s obvious they’re still head over heels for each other, especially with all the family moments Kate and Danny share on Instagram. 

Kate co-wrote her new song ‘Talk About Love’ with Danny 

The song delves into the theme of discovering and accepting love in the midst of life’s chaos and distractions.

It highlights the desire for genuine connections and the significance of love in conquering obstacles and negativity. 

Danny and Kate/Instagram

The song touches on various themes such as escaping distractions, seeking truth and connection, embracing love and positivity, and living in the moment. 

It serves as a reminder to prioritize love and meaningful connections over superficial pursuits and distractions.

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