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Kanye West’s Influence on Bianca Censori’s Life – Did He Controll Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox Too?

Is he for real controlling?

Bianca Censori is making headlines once again with her bold fashion choice during her recent outing.

This time, her outfit is only adding fuel to the rumors of Kanye’s controlling nature in their relationship, reports.

Bianca was seen wearing a see-through poncho that left little to the imagination.

It’s not the first time she has opted for such daring fashion since getting together with Kanye.

Interestingly, if we look at Kanye’s past relationships, a pattern emerges where he exerts control over his partners through their clothing choices.

Julia Fox has shared details about her own experience with Ye, revealing how he took control of many aspects of her appearance.

Kim has also undergone a complete wardrobe transformation under Kanye’s influence, and now it seems Bianca is going through the same.

Kanye and Bianca’s latest fashion outing/Bianca Censori West Facebook account

The more I look at the drastic change the three ladies have gone through but mostly Bianca the more it comes to light how they have given up on a part of their identity. 

I do understand that living with a partner means a change of lifestyle. Falling into a rhythm cycle where you share opinions on the food, clothes, movies and all that means it’s a healthy relationship.

But when it becomes one-sided like choosing what you wear, because from the pictures I have seen before they got married, Bianca had a very different style, with long hair, more feminine and the clothes covered more. 

If it had happened only with one of his partners then I’d say we would have been okay but by now it has happened three times and I think it is controlling.

Bianca Censori West posted this throwback photo on her Facebook account

However, there is no valid evidence that proves any of this these are just opinions on the matter.

A lot of fans have also commented on the matter and have said different things from Yemind controlling Bianca, to him having a new doll to play with, to labeling his relationship as toxic, and how Bianca looks unhappy.

From everything we’ve seen and heard, it’s evident that Kanye holds the power in their relationship. 

But for them to know and for us to find out, at the end of the day it is better not to poke our noses in other people’s business. 

Kanye and Julia Fox

Style change, get boobs done, and staged things?

Ye and Fox met through a friend in 2021.

Her buddy connected her with Kanye West after Christmas in 2021. They started talking and eventually, he invited her to join him on his private jet. 

Initially, she declined but later agreed, on the condition that her friends could come too. They spent New Year’s Eve partying together, with some PDA. 

She attended parties, played a positive word-highlighting game, did a photo shoot, and completely revamped her wardrobe, all thanks to Kanye. 

However, things took a turn when he criticized her style, which was sexist. A woman should be able to wear whatever she wants without others dictating it.

Julia Fox’s style changed during the time she was dating Ye

Fox is known for her sexy side so when she showed up in the leather outfit with the dramatic eye look, it was a surprise for everyone. 

The staged photoshoot where she was seen staying like a puppet while Kanye fixed and styled her outfits all resonates with what is happening with Bianca.

And let’s not forget the boob job, Julia explained in her book that ‘the artist’ (Ye) had offered to pay for her to get her boobs done.

I think that Fox kind of started to see that controlling side of Kanye that everyone is pointing out and decided to end her 2-month relationship with him. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 

Kanye has always been unafraid to express himself through the way he dresses the women in his life, including his ex Kim Kardashian. 

When they started dating, Kanye went all out and gifted her a whole new wardrobe.

In an episode of her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, there was a scene where Kanye went through Kim’s closet and made her get rid of anything he didn’t approve of. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Even after their divorce in 2021 confessed that Kanye had such control over her wardrobe that she struggled to dress herself and would even have ‘panic attacks’ over what to wear. Some time ago he had said that he wanted his ‘girl’ to flaunt her body.

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