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Justin Bieber and Hailey Have Not Split And They Do Not Have Troubles In Their Marriage

The marriage has not hit the rocks! 

Justin Bieber and Hailey have been the talk of town with their marriage since they took the plunge in 2018.

There are no days where these two aren’t speculated to have divorced and gone their separate ways.

However, the latest report where fans believed that Hailey and Justin’s marriage had hit the rocks for real this time got us a salute from the model, reports. 

After that, a strong statement from the couple sharing kisses and hugs made it clear that they were happy and that those rumors were not true. 

Just because Bieber went one night to the club with friends and with no Hailey in sight doesn’t mean they are breaking up. Can’t a man enjoy a boys night out and just have fun!!!

However, fans are not really to blame for speculating trouble in paradise because Hailey dropped some clues that hinted so.

Take a look at the complete breakdown of what has been going on with the couple these recent months and see these rumors for ourselves. 

Justin and Hailey

The social media post

So, the rumors of something happening in the marriage of the couple came after Justin was absent in a few of Hailey’s Instagram posts. 

Surprised, so are we!! Because the model has not posted that many pictures with her partner since their 5th anniversary.

Bieber on the other hand has shared more photos with his wife and they both were seen sporting smiles and enjoying whatever they were doing. 

Hence the reason why we thought the rumors were weird.

Assumptions and more assumptions were made based on what the model was posting on her social media.

Like the post she shared while baking, Hailey shared a mysterious quote, leading fans to speculate that it might be a subtle dig at her husband.

 The model boldly declared that she “shouldn’t give a f**k” while whipping up some delicious cinnamon rolls at home.

Now fans are really good detectives and they highlighted an old video of Justin struggling to eat a breakfast that Hailey had prepared for him, titled “Justin Bieber’s not a fan of Hailey’s cooking.” 

After that, the temperature of the speculations rose because of two videos Hailey posted on TikTok. 

In the first one, she is lip-syncing a sound where she says ‘BLOCKED’ and in the second one the model uses a song and sings along to it, the track is titled ‘Never Lose Me’ by Flo Milli.

Justin enjoys a night out with friends but no Hailey

Justin Bieber had a fun night out in Los Angeles with his buddy Jaden Smith at a classy wine bar. Surprisingly, his wife Hailey Bieber was not there, which fueled rumors about their marriage. 

Justin and Jaden had a great time with their friends at Wally’s Wine and Spirits in Beverly Hills on Saturday night. They were all in high spirits, laughing, hugging, and exchanging stories.

Justin enjoys a night out with friends

Hailey ditches her wedding ring

During a fun day out with Kendall, Hailey added fuel to the rumors by not wearing her wedding ring. 

The two models had a great time bonding over pottery at what appeared to be Kendall’s luxurious Los Angeles mansion. 

Sitting across from each other, Kendall and Hailey proudly displayed a vase that they had seemingly crafted together.

Hailey not wearing her wedding band 

An honest reason as to why Hailey was not wearing her wedding ring could be because it getting dirty, which is a very big possibility because after that she was seen wearing it. 

Keeping the distance 

Hailey and Justin had been reported to have spent New Year’s Eve apart from each other. 

If that was not enough a few days into January they were spotted walking to their car alongside each other but keeping their distance. 

Justin and Hailey pack on the PDA on an Instagram post

A few days ago Justin shared some cute pictures with his wife. 

In the first one, Hailey is cuddling Justin, in the second one they are giving the camera both smiles sealing the collage with a kiss on their last photo.

Hailey came for the rumors

Hailey Bieber just shut down all the haters with a bold message about her relationship with Justin Bieber. 

She took to her Instagram Stories to show off their night out in Toronto. Justin had a performance at the History Toronto venue, and Hailey made sure to capture the moment. 

In one of her Stories, she pointed at the screen while Justin sang his heart out. Then, in the next Story, she filmed him performing an upbeat track. 

Hailey’s Instagram story 

And in the final Story, Hailey shared a photo of herself in front of the projector screen, giving the camera a cheeky middle finger. She definitely made a statement! 

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