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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Eager to Finalize Their Divorce After Finding Love In New Partners

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner can’t wait to wrap up their divorce drama and embark on a new journey with their new partners!

The former couple, who announced their split last year, have been working through the details of their divorce settlement and are eager to put the past behind them. 

Joe Jonas is reportedly dating a new love interest, while Sophie Turner has also moved on with a new partner, reports.

Both are excited about the prospect of starting fresh and building new relationships with their respective partners. 

They are looking forward to leaving the drama of their divorce behind and focusing on the future ahead. 

Fans are excited to see what the future holds for both Joe and Sophie as they embark on this new chapter in their lives. 

But here’s the catch, they both appear too eager to call it quits, despite their four-year marriage being filled with love, as far as we can tell. Let’s not overlook the fact that Joe and Turner have two beautiful daughters together.

Joe and Sophie

There’s really no set time frame on when it’s okay to start dating again after a divorce. It’s generally recommended to take some time, maybe a few months to a year, to process the end of your marriage and figure out what you want in your next relationship.

Getting over a relationship is always tough. It can take a while to heal from the hurt and let go of the memories. Those memories can linger and bother us even as we try to move forward. 

Sophie Turner moved on quite fast from Joe Jonas

It was September when Joe and Sophie announced their divorce after many reports were going around saying that they were having problems and that their marriage was hitting the rocks. 

September is not just for falling leaves, but also for falling relationships. 

Peregrine decided to part ways with Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, King Charles’ goddaughter. Looks like love wasn’t in the air after and it happened without others noticing it!!

Just a month after amid a divorce and custody battle that could rival a soap opera, Sophie decides to spice things up by locking lips with British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson.

Sophie Turner went official in many ways with her boyfriend Peregrine Pearson

While there were reports of Jonas not being happy about Sophie moving on so fast, he then subtly confirmed that he is okay with it and that for him dating is not on the radar.

Turner on the other hand was flaunting her newfound romance, and every time she was spotted she looked even happier.

Joe Jonas was slower when it came to moving on from Turner

Jonas took his time when it came to moving on from his marriage to Sophie and each time he was spotted in public he had this look of sadness on his face,

Then again who wouldn’t, after being married for four years and sharing kids together it is very hard to let go of the comfort you build and the routine that is set. 

It took Joe about three and a half months to move on and start seeing someone new, model Stormi Bree.

Another very noticeable thing is how different their relationships seem to be now. 

Joe is being very private and cheerful not to be photographed with his girlfriend or anything including giving comments. 

Sophie on the other hand has gone official in events and social media with her boyfriend and does not shy away from the media attention, she actually flaunts more of her found flame. 

Stormi Bree and Joe Jonas 

Sophie Turner has officially asked a judge to reopen her and Joe Jonas’ divorce case since they couldn’t reach an agreement on child custody and property matters.

According to documents filed in a Miami court, Sophie mentioned that the pause in proceedings is over and it’s time to move forward with the case. 

A representative for Jonas mentioned that the filing was just a necessary step in the legal process, and both parties are still working towards a friendly resolution.  

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