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Jesse James West and Claudia Walsh Say ‘Yes’ to Forever!

They are getting married!! 

Jesse James and Claudia who are known for their fitness type of content on YouTube and are very loved by many have decided to promise forever to one another.

Their relationship has been questioned many times as to whether it’s true or if are they doing it just for the views and I guess everyone got their answer by now. 

Claudia and Jesse James met two and a half years ago, sometime around July 2021-2022 and it all started because of one collab Jesse did with Brandon Walsh.

It was a blind date set up for content but Claudia did not know that and when Jesse James West saw her, he felt drawn to her, reports. 

It kind of was love at first sight because he saw what he was going to do as part of work but the next thing he knew was that he had a big interest in that girl and wanted to connect with her. 

Jesse and Claudia have been hooked to one another since day one and nothing has changed since then.

Before we do a look back on their first date and all the things they did before they said ‘yes’ to one another, let’s take a look at the proposal and all the emotions that happened. 

She said ‘Yes’/Instagram

Inside Jesse and Claudia’s proposal 

Since Jesse has shared with his fans every step of his relationship he did not want for them to miss this one.

Step one in the whole process was selecting the ring which is very important and Jess asked for the opinion of three women, one was his mother the other two were Claudia’s mom and sister.

Playing it safe every step of the way, just kidding! It’s so cool that West decided to ask the three ladies what they thought as often rings are part of the identity and since they approved means Claudia will too. 

Jesse and Claudia’s video proposal

It took three weeks for the ring to get ready and he planned everything without Claudia ever being suspicious.

On the day of the proposal, Claudia was getting her nails done while Jesse told her he was working from home all day, and the moment she left the house it was time to go into work mode.

Brandon Welsh, Claudia’s brother who was the cupid in their relationship was there to help with everything too.

Step three was to ask Papa Walsh for his blessing and Claudia’s hand in marriage and the reaction was epic with an answer of ‘I told you a long time ago that you could marry her.’

However, tears were present at the moment as it was a big thing for both families and we got to see the soft side of Claudia’s father who is known to be very tough.

Then on the 12th of February, it was time to orchestrate the proposal by making Claudia not suspect. 

So Jesse James asked her to be his Valentine to take all suspicion off him and make the moment special.

The next step was to set up the sight and there were flowers with the forest theme inspired and the emotions were hitting the sky. 

Inside Jesse and Claudia’s intimate engagement proposal/YouTube

Jess was excited, scared, and every other possible emotion and it was time for Claudia to arrive at the site where the proposal was set in their backyard.

It was a surprise and the emotions got higher and higher and it was time for the speech Jesse gets on one knee, *cue the tears* and asks Claudia to marry and live happily ever after.

The entire family showed up, and the celebration was up next. I’m going to go hide in the corner and cry after seeing such pure love, but I’ll definitely keep you posted on the wedding date!

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