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Is Justin Bieber’s Love for Hailey Baldwin Real or Just a Publicity Stunt?

Loves me, loves me not, loves me, loves me no…

Do you really think a person would stay married to someone who he does not love for five years!?

A lot of thought here and there. Justin loves Hailey and he does not love her, he just loves being loved by her. This is what people out there think reports. 

Many have taken to different social media platforms to express their thoughts on this relationship. 

We all know how smitten Bieber was by Selena Gomez but that does not mean that people can not move on and fall in love again.   

It happened for both of them and fans are so caught up in the impression that Justin does not love Hailye because of all those videos that show just one angle.   

Why we think Justin loves Hailey! 

Justing gazing all lovely at his wife

Justin gazing all lovely at his wife!/Instagram

Conspiracy theories have been raised here and there that Hailey is the ‘second choice’ for Justin and that she was just a backup plan or something.

But let me tell you, if I had to put my money where my mouth is, I’d say that Hailey was never a backup plan. 

She’s the real deal, and Justin fell for her based on his own feelings, not because he was settling for second best.

And let’s be real, would you say you are a second choice to a girl you see yourself being married to after a year of dating? 

It seems like some of y’all got a problem with Hailey’s caring nature towards Justin. I mean, seriously? Are you’re gonna call her a “mother” just because she’s looking out for her man?

Many people were quick to judge Hailey for being a supportive partner. If the roles were reversed, nobody would bat an eye. Hailey’s holding it down for her man. 

She’s attending his appointments, helping him with his medical treatments, and comforting him when he’s feeling down. That’s what love is all about, people! 

Now the fans are all over social media saying that they have split up and are doing this for PR.

They have connected a few dots here and there, like that one where they don’t like each other posts on Instagram or all those lives they do where it is said that Justin shades Hailey and she is clingy to him. 


He seems so happy with her I wish people would leave them alone #fyp #justinbieber #haileybieber #goals #GenshinImpact34 creds: @biebersgoodside

♬ If You Love Her (Sped Up Version) – sped up nightcore

We have had just a small glimpse into this couple’s life and we are already making assumptions more like being 100% sure about their broken marriage. 

The only glimpses we get into their marriage are through Justin’s self-centered documentaries. Obviously, those are gonna be all about him and how others impact his life. 

So, don’t expect to see a whole lot of “what Justin does for Hailey” in those films, because they ain’t focused on her perspective.  

Hailey doesn’t have all the baggage from past relationships, health issues, or even severe mental illnesses as Justin does.

So, in the grand scheme of things, all he can really do for Hailey is be a little reassuring, support her goals and dreams, and lend a helping hand when she’s feeling down.

Here is what fans on Reddit have said about Hailey and Justin’s relationship:

@Nickymarie28 – Hailey was the absolute downfall of Justin Beiber

@princesstafarian – Married his stalker

@annahatasanaaa – Anyone would go downhill marrying a Baldwin face on an Internet doll body

@HaileyBaldwinSnark – Hailey Baldwin: this generation’s most infamous homewrecker/stalker.

Why we think Justin doesn’t love Hailey!

Justin and Hailey shared pics for their anniversary

Justin and Hailey shared pics for their anniversary/Instagram

Back to the dots, Instagram posts, lives, and the content!

From him slamming car doors on Hailey and leaving her stranded in the middle of the road to ride off on his skateboard while she’s face-planting behind him.  

To all those interviews where he looks like a hostage while she’s doing all the talking oh and let’s not forget the epic live fights they’ve had for the whole world to witness. Talk about airing your dirty laundry!

We are not the ones to blame for thinking that this marriage is near an end with no love ever being in the cards.   

And then there’s her podcast interview, where she spills all the details about the drama between her, Justin, and Selena. 

The famous JB line from their lives “If you weren’t so hot I would’ve gotten rid of you a long time ago”.That’s not something you should be telling your wife, dude.

Also, there are like a gazillion videos out there where he’s blabbering about sex to her, and get this, they’re live! And let me tell you, she’s not feeling it. 

Where are all of these pointing to? The loves her loves her not theory. No one really knows what it’s really like and what goes behind closed doors.

But one thing is for sure no marriage is flawless it is just that marriage needs its own little hideaway to keep the nosy folks at bay. 

You know what they say, “What happens in marriage stays in marriage” stunt or no stunt included.

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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