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Inside the Try Guys’ Friendship Since Eugene Has Decided to Leave

The Try Guys are officially a duo!!  They started as a group of four and over the span of two years lost two members!

Keith and Zach are holding down the fort as the Try Guys duo after Eugene decided to peace out. No more trio, just a dynamic duo running the show now, reports.

This change comes almost two years after the group let go of Ned Fuller due to infidelity. Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld are now the only hosts of the channel. 

Just because someone leaves a group or better said work the friendship can always remain. 

They just dropped a hilarious video on TikTok with people trying out for the fourth spot as a ‘Try Guy, but they can’t seem to find their third. 

And then out of nowhere, Eugene pops up to remind everyone that he’s still holding it down. He is not leaving for always but just focusing on other projects!!

As much as everybody is bumped we won’t get to see these three sharing the same screen we are happy about the relationship they have built together, so why not focus on the positive things? 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see their friendship bloom since day one!! 

The first ‘Try Guys’ video and their relationship then 

The first video these four guys posted was back in 2014 and it was titled ‘Guys Try On Ladies’ Underwear For The First Time.

Keith, Ned, Zach, and Eugene were kind of struggling through the video however we did not get to see much of their friendship because they did not share the screen.

But one thing that made everyone believe that these four have a great relationship was the fact that they did a short take where they saw one another wearing girls’ panties!! 

These guys have redefined the whole concept of male friendship! They’re all about stepping out of their comfort zones, supporting one another, and challenging the status quo. 

The Try Guys have been together for ten years

It’s like they’ve thrown the rulebook out the window and created their own fabulous version of friendship. 

Details about ‘The Try Guys’ friendship 

These guys started everything from scratch together and when I say they are more than family do believe me. 

When they’re all together they really share one brain cell and I love it! The Guys have taken tests about their friendship and here is what they have revealed about one another. 

Keith shared about the initial encounter with Eugene, mentioning how impressed he was by Eugene’s sharp attire and confident demeanor. 

When Eugene brought up the topic of their first meeting, he inquired if Keith told them how he had found him intimidating back then. 

This is some sort of telepathy long-time friends share! These two seem to be the closest in the group and the way they express their feelings for one another is just brotherly love. 

Ned and Zach on the other hand met through work after they starred in one another’s videos and kind of connected. 

Try Guys 

These two are the only ones in the try guys who love sports and that kind of made them get closer to one another oh and they feel like they are brothers and not friends. 

They might have started as a business group but they were the perfect example of how healthy male friendships should be. 

In the group, Ned and Eugene gave off the vibe that they were not that close, and a DNA test they did later on proved that they were the least compatible with one another. 

Zach and Ned were the most compatible with one another, while Eugene and Keith were more compatible with one another than the rest of the guys. However, Keith is very close with Zach too!! 

As for where their relationship stands now well the three try guys seem to be having a blast while Ned on the other hand we don’t see interactions between them ever since the scandal broke out. 

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