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Inside Stray Kids Real Friendship

Are bandmates really besties or just putting on a show for the paparazzi?

So, Starry Kids decided to bless us with their latest bop ‘Lose My Breath’ featuring Charlie Puth, reports. 

And while I’m jamming to their tunes and admiring their stage presence, I can’t help but question what’s really going on behind the scenes.

As a dedicated Stay, I’ve been with these boys from the start, but I can’t shake off this nagging thought. Are they genuinely tight-knit pals or is it all just a show for the cameras? 

I need the tea on their off-camera camaraderie. Are they just colleagues in this crazy music industry, or have they actually formed genuine friendships that go beyond the spotlight? Spill the beans, Starry Kids! 

Never mind that will take too long so I will Investigate by myself, trust me I am very good at that!!

Stary Kids

Who is Stray Kids?

Stray Kids is a K-pop group from South Korea managed by JYP Entertainment. The group is made up of 8 members: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

They made their debut in, 2018 after being formed through the survival show called Stray Kids.

Originally they debuted as a 9-member group, his name was Kim Woojin,  but this member left the group for personal reasons. Ever since then, he has debuted as a solo singer.

Now let’s talk about their relationship in general, starting with the leader and ending it with the makne (the youngest). 

Bang Chan’s friendship with the members

You can see how much he truly cherishes each and every one of them. He’s been by their side for 6 years, and I’m certain his bond with them is truly special. 

This is a clear sign of a fantastic leader – when every member trusts and feels at ease with their leader.

However, out of all the members, I feel like he is the closest to Felix and their bond has been fully on display ever since the survival program. 

Stray Kids have been together for six years

There is this one episode where Felix gets eliminated and Chan is holding him close while crying and telling him how sorry he is to break the promise that they were going to debut together. 

And when Felix returned on the last episode and it was announced that he was going to be part of the team, Chan’s reaction was priceless. 

Also, they call one another brother. I am not saying he is not close with the rest of the members because the relationship with the rest of them is unexplainable. 

The Stray Kids’ friendships

Personally, I’m a big fan of Changbin and Han! Changbin may come off as cold to Jisung, but he’s actually the one who cares for him the most. 

Changbin played a big role in helping Jisung grow out of his old personality, in my opinion. They know each other really well. They don’t show it too obviously, but they truly have each other’s backs. 

Another friendship that I find really special is Chan and Changbin. Chan has mentioned that Changbin feels like a ‘mirror image’ of himself multiple times, and I think these two are the backbone of Stray Kids. 

A friendship that doesn’t get enough credit is Seungmin and Jisung, I believe. They may seem like opposites, but they’re actually quite similar. 

They love to tease each other, and when asked who makes them laugh the most, they choose each other. 

Seungmin once shared that he had a meaningful conversation with Jisung that made him really happy, and that warms my heart because I adore their bond.

Stray Kids 

3RACHA’s connection is so strong!! They truly are the best of friends, always making each other laugh and working together seamlessly on music. 

Han and Felix have such a sweet and caring bond, enjoying each other’s company so much. 

And the dynamic between Han and Hyunjin is just hilarious, going from teasing each other to being the best of friends. 

Han seems to bring out the laughter in everyone, especially Chan who always seems to be cracking up when he’s around Han (it’s adorable how Han is like Chan’s baby). 

Overall, all eight members have such a close and genuine relationship with each other.

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