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Inside Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet’s Movie Night

Whether they want to confirm it or not Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet are together!

No, they have not broken up, and by the looks of it, this love between these two will last for a while.  

While the relationship between Jenner and Chalamet was one that no one saw coming they too liked to keep it very private.    

However, they were spotted together recently on a  romantic movie date at the Geffen Playhouse in LA, reports.  

This duo went there to watch ‘The Engagement Party’ directed by Tony Award winner Darko Tresnjak which has a very intriguing plot. 

With that said, could this low-key appearance at the theatre be hinting at something? A possible engagement is to happen soon perhaps?!

The news that this duo was present at Geffen Playhouse came from Deuxmoi’s spies. They wrote to the Instagram page explaining what they saw.  

Deuxmoi's annonymous tip

Deuxmoi’s anonymous tip/Instagram  

Kylie Jenner appears to be head over heels for her boyfriend, Timothée Chalamet. The famous reality TV star couldn’t hide her happiness when questioned about Chalamet’s latest film, “Dune,” in an interview. 

“I do love that movie,” she replied, flashing a mischievous grin or more like she loves her boyfriend who plays the main character in the movie. 

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet’s latest love affair is totally secure — like, seriously locked down. 

Just a few weeks back Jenner unintentionally spilled the beans on her phone background during a photo op in Milan

This gave her fans a sneak peek of her lock screen, where Timothée Chalamet was seen giving her a sweet kiss on the cheek.

The adorable selfie, clearly visible on Jenner’s phone, captured the Oscar nominee planting a gentle kiss on the reality star’s cheek as she posed with a smile for the camera.

Kylie showin us her lockscreen picture

Kylie showing her lock screen photo 

This union between this duo has caused quite a stir in the social media world. As many support Kylie and Timothee as a couple some do not. 

Chalamet has been labeled as a player, as fans say he’s well aware that Kylie only got interested in him because Travis Scott messed up and they called it quits. 

So, Kylie turned to Timothee as her second choice, a rebound, and surprisingly, Timothee was totally fine with that. 

And what does he do? Well, he uses her for sex.  He figures he might as well get something out of this whole situation. 

Timothee Chalamet is the young, rich, and single guy who’s constantly in the mood, openly groping a mother of two behind in public. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t see her as a classy woman, but more like a walking sex toy. 

On the other hand, the supportive fans deny all of this saying that he is in for the long ride Otherwise, he wouldn’t put up with all the drama and her baggage.

 It’s not like he’s doing it for attention or just to hook up. He must really like her to deal with Travis being at his throat and helping Kylie with the kids. 

kylie and timothee showin affection for one another

Kylie and Timothee showing affection for one another

Kylie and Timothee first sparked dating rumors at the beginning of the year and as their romance moved forward they were spotted leaving each other houses. 

They stepped as a couple for the first time in one of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour stops in LA in September.

After that, they were spotted a few more times packing the PDA and now their relationship is back under wraps again.  

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