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Haylee Baylee’s Romantic Life – From Divorce to Billionaire Boyfriend

Someone has a billionaire boyfriend! 

Haleyy Baylee whose real name is Haley Kalil has been dating a billionaire for a while now but has yet to reveal his face.

The social media influencer has a whole mini-series dedicated to her boyfriend’s name as “My Billionaire Boyfriend” where she posts content on TikTok about how it is to be in a relationship with someone rich.

Her boyfriend, William, is often talked about but rarely seen. His constant absence raises eyebrows, and the reasons given for his whereabouts often need to be clarified or more questionable, reports. 

The expectations he sets for Haley, such as household tasks, beauty standards, and constant updates, appear to be controlling, unrealistic, and potentially abusive.

We have been stooping around her social media accounts trying to find tracks of William and from what we have gathered she only follows one guy who goes by the same name and is a photographer. 


WILLIAM AND I WENT SHOPPING FOR ENGAGEMENT RINGS 💍 I still can’t believe it!! Help me pick a style!!! 🥰🥰🥰 #billionaireboyfriend #engagementring #dayinthelife

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

After more snooping around we came to the conclusion that William’s name is not that or that Haylee is doing all of the boyfriend thing for content.

Let’s dive into Haley Baylee’s love life, starting from her previous marriage to her romantic involvement with Williams. I’ll spill all the details for you.

Haylee Baylee and William’s love story

We have not seen William’s face, but hey we got to see his arm at least!

Hayle has been posting content about William for two to three years now, their relationship started somewhere in 2022.

William is a businessman, Haylee lives in his NYC apartment and can stay there as long as she keeps it clean. 

Haylee and William’s love story began when they crossed paths on her way to work. As soon as he saw her, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “You’re too beautiful to be working, you should be taken care of.” And that’s how it all started between them. 

Interestingly, Haylee revealed that William has worked on an app and has a business partner named Andrew Tate. 

Another intriguing fact is that William is the one who set the rule for Haylee to dress in only heels and dresses. 

Throughout the day, Haylee has to stay home, take care of her skin, and always look beautiful. It’s like being a doll on a shelf. 

However, I’m not the only one who wonders if William is real. Many people, including myself, are skeptical about his existence.

There are a few reasons for this skepticism. Firstly, Haylee and William value their privacy, which is understandable. 

But all we ever see are glimpses of random body parts like his arms, back, or the back of his head. It’s no wonder we’re left feeling confused about whether he’s actually real or not. 

Secondly, Haylee often features her guy friends in her mini-series, which makes us question if her boyfriend is just someone from her close circle of friends. 


is this what it feels like when you’re heartbroken?!? William, if you’re watching this. I still love you so much!!! ❤️ #billionaireboyfriend #dayinmylife

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

And lastly, until we see him we will keep being nosy about whether he is real or not but at the same time if she chooses to keep it private and under the public eye for whatever reason, everyone should respect that. 

One important note, Hayley and William broke once and reconnected again! Oh and all this relationship based on the video can be considered satire!!!

Haylee Baylee Marriage 

Haylee has been very open about her marriage to former NFL player Matt Kalil and the reasons behind their divorce.

Unlike her recent relationship with William, she doesn’t shy away from discussing it. In this discussion, we’ll cover everything from how their marriage began to how it ended.

In 2022, Haylee experienced the loss of her beloved dog, who had been by her side since her college days. 

That same year, in January to be exact, she filed for divorce from her husband. It’s worth mentioning that Haylee was only 21 when she got married.

Getting married at such a young age made them realize how challenging it can be. They both jumped into it without fully understanding what love truly meant and all the responsibilities that came with it. 

As time went on, their relationship turned more into a friendship rather than a romantic one. That’s why their divorce was relatively easy, without any arguments or fights.

Even to this day, they remain friends and are both happy with their new partners. HayleeBaylee has a massive following on various social media platforms. 

Her TikTok page alone has around 8.5 million followers, and her YouTube channel and Instagram page each have over 5 million subscribers.

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