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Halley Kate and Reed Williams are Rekindling Their Relationship

A rekindled relationship!

Words have been flying around that Halley Kate and Reed Williams have decided to give their relationship another chance despite all the drama that went on last year. 

A couple of days ago the duo was spotted in public strolling around the streets of New York City together, reports. 

Then just yesterday Halley and Reed were spotted by a TikToker who uses the username @Kylizzlec on the platform, walking together again.

Two times in the span of ten days. What could this mean, are they really back together and will they be soft-launching their relationship any day now, since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner?

Yesterday, Halley uploaded a couple of videos on her TikTok page right after the news of her and Reed being seen together started circulating on social media. 


@halley will be decorating for christmas 2024😭🤍also this was from a few hours ago i didn’t wanna post it immediately for privacy reasons

♬ original sound – k

In the first video, she played a song with the lyrics ‘If I cared about what every girl in NYC said about me, I’d never step out of my house,’ while showcasing pictures of her night out, one by one.

Following that, she posted another video where she and one of her friends were watching the Super Bowl. Interestingly, a guy was sitting in the middle. I can’t help but wonder who he is? It could be Jazz’s boyfriend!

No other comments or updates have been given by Halley on this matter and all we can do is revisit the past and see once again what happened between her, Reed, and Sophia.

The Halley and Sophia drama

We’ve got Halley and Sophia, two major players in the social media scene.

These ladies have made quite a name for themselves on TikTok, where they share all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. 

Now, imagine this: these NYC influencers were practically inseparable. They attended the same events, hung out in the same circles, and even appeared in each other’s content. 

But everything took a dark turn on December 2nd because a Reddit page dropped a bombshell claiming that Sophia was seen getting cozy with Halley’s ex-boyfriend, Reed Williams. 

Talk about drama on a whole new level!

Halley caused quite a stir when she uploaded a few mysterious TikToks, one of which featured 

her lip-syncing to Taylor Swift’s “Karma.”

Halley and Reed were spotted in public a few days ago/Reddit

A Reddit post on r/NYCinfluencersnark spilled the tea, claiming that Halley and Sophia were spotted cozying up on a couch at the Ludlow Hotel, sipping cocktails.

The poster didn’t have any pictures, but they were convinced it was them. To add to the drama, Halley and her podcast co-host, Jaz, supposedly unfollowed Sophia.

This happened after Halley and Reed had broken up. 

She has addressed all the rumors regarding her, Sophia, and her ex in two podcast episodes. 

It had been three weeks since she and Reed broke up and the message she kept getting about him being on a date with Sophia (the night before she and Jazz grabbed dinner with her).

In the span of three days from Thursday when Hally Jazz and Sophia grabbed dinner, to Friday when it was reported that Reed had been on a  date with Sophia, to Saturday morning the two were following one another on Instagram.

As of right now, they are not following one another.

Everything Halley Kate revealed about her brake up with Reed 

Halley hosts a podcast called ‘Delusional Diaries’ with one of her friends, where she recently discussed her breakup with Reed. 

She surprised everyone by wearing the same clothes she had on during the breakup and shared all the details of what happened between them. 

Halley admitted that she was completely taken aback by the whole situation and had believed that if they worked together, they could overcome any obstacles.

However, the breakup came as a shock to her, but at the same time, she felt grateful that it happened. 

She didn’t want to paint her ex as the villain or solely blame him for their falling out. After all, she’s just a twenty-something-year-old, and nobody really has their life completely figured out at this age.

Reed and Halley

Just because she and everyone else in their twenties have a number two in front of their age doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly. That’s just life – you sail through it, never knowing when you’ll be hit by a wave.

The social media influencer revealed that there was no fight about the split it was mutual understanding on both sides.

And yes it did hurt her but it was for the best as she puts it.

When the news that he went into the dating game three weeks into the breakup, she felt hurt as she did love him and that he had told her the split was happening because he needed to figure out some things of his own. 

So when the girl Halley and Jazz were having dinner with DM the ex first and he accepted the invitation it kind of hurt the content creator. 

Halley has 1.1 million followers and over 100 million likes on her TikTok platform. 

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