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Grant and Shalee the King and Queen of Swing Love Story

King and Queen of Swing!! 

Grant and Shalee are absolutely killing it on TikTok with their swing routine to Beyonce’s “Texas Hold’em,” reports.

Their moves are so mind-blowing that you’d think they were born with dance superpowers. Trust me, those routines are no joke, but Grant and Shale make them look like a piece of cake.

But let’s not get too distracted by their dance skills, because we’re here to spill the tea on their love story. How did these two lovebirds meet?

Who fell head over heels first? And what about that epic first date? Who had the guts to pop the question and make it official? 

And let’s not forget about the engagement and how married life is treating them. Spill the deets, Grant and Shale!

Grant and Shalee 

Shale and Grant’s history 

This couple is all about dancing, and that’s how they got struck by the love bug. 

Grant and Shalee both hit up the same country swing dance hall! Back then, Shalee was seeing some other dude who happened to be buddies with Grant. 

When they all showed up at the dance hall, the friend played matchmaker and introduced them. 

When Shalee laid eyes on Grant for the first time, she thought he was a cutie. Just so you know, her fling with the other guy ended a few months later.

But she kept on dancing and became friends with Grant’s dance partner, Paige. People even thought they were an item! 


Even @Beyoncé knows the best kind of music is COUNTRY MUSIC 🎶😉 DC: @Matt McCall & @Dexter Mayfield #kingandqueenofcountryswing #grantandshalee

♬ TEXAS HOLD ‘EM – Beyoncé

Then one day, Shalee decided to get the scoop from Paige and asked if there was something more going on between her and Grant. 

Turns out, they were just friends. So, without wasting any time, Shalee made the bold move and went after Grant herself! Bam! 

Shalee had a brilliant idea to lure Grant back to the dance floor by sliding into Gran’s Facebook messages. 

Her plan? To show off her impressive lift move and get Grant to dance with Paige as well. And guess what? It actually worked! That’s how Shalee ended up developing a major crush on Grant.

But here’s the juicy part: one night, Paige couldn’t make it to the dance. However, Shalee and Grant were both there. 

While Shalee was having a blast line dancing, Grant was just casually leaning against the wall, completely captivated by her moves.

And then, it happened. In a moment of pure magic, they both realized they had feelings for each other. 

Grant strutted over to the dance line, snatched Shalee away, and danced with her like there was no tomorrow. Talk about a swoon-worthy moment!


You and me belong together. 🥹🥰♥️ THANK YOU for being here and being part of our online fam! #kingandqueenofcountryswing #grantandshalee #marriage @Shalee Taylor ☀️

♬ Belong Together (Sped Up) – Mark Ambor

Just like that they started dating but decided to keep their relationship very much private. But the thing is that people started noticing. 

They fell for each other because of their amazing personalities, embracing both the good and the bad. They found true love and their forever homes in each other.

Grant and Shale’s content on social media 

Their accounts are filled with different dancing routines!!

Grant and Shale have over 30 million likes and about 2 million followers on TikTok and trust me seeing them dance like that makes you want to find a partner to dance the night away together. 

They post a lot of different dances which all have to do with their country music but from time to time they like to switch things up and offer new things for their audience. 

This couple also posts about their life and being married bloopers, and behind the scenes of the dance routines. 


Replying to @cooperthacker all the pretty brides dance like this 😉 #weddingdress

♬ Pretty Girls Walk – Big Boss Vette

Look at this couple with their oh-so-adorable love story! It’s like love just smacked them right in the face when they least expected it. 

Who would’ve thought, huh? Love has a funny way of sneaking up on you, and these two lovebirds are living proof of that.

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