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From Wedding Guests to Soon-to-be Newlyweds: Alex Wassabi and Alexxis Lemire’s Story 

What better way to practice for your big day other than attending friends’ weddings together?

Alex Wassabi is known for his comedy videos on YouTube and at that with a large number of followers, has finally given his heart away to this girl.

This guy has had his fair share of relationships with known names in the social media world like Vanessa Merrell (yes from the Merrell Twins), Lauren Riihimaki, and Lexy Panterra, and now he has found the one in Alexxis Lemire. 

Alexxiss is an actress and these two have been together for more than a year now. Wassabi has said that Lemire is his last girlfriend ever, reports. 

There are two ways his words can be interpreted the first one is that he will settle down with this girl or that this is his last chance at love. I believe the first one is what he meant!!

So why not take a look at his history with Alexxis and see where it all began, how it is going and what are their future plans together? 

Alex Wassabi and Alexxis Lemire/Instagram 

Alex and Alexxis’ story 

These two were together once went their separate ways and then reunited again! The details of their relationship remain unknown. 

They met sometime around 2021-2022 and that is when they began dating. While Alex posted his vacations and content with her he gave very little details about how it all started.

The first time they told one another the famous words was for Alexxis’s birthday, Wassabi got her this cute bunny hat and wrote her a long note of all of the things he loves about her. 

Their first date was at a sushi place and after that, they went bowling! 

Since Alex is a boxer during their date it started raining and he asked her to help him cover the ring up due to the heavy rain. They ended up having a good time in the rain!!

However, they have shared the story of how they put a label on it. Alex had prepared a customized shirt and bowling ball which were a reminder of their first date and popped the question. 

He closed her eyes but the shirt on her and in it was written ‘Will you be my girlfriend’. Now that is something romantic!! 

Before they started dating, Alexxis had a boyfriend however she did know Alex then, somehow he had developed feelings for her and in order not to think about her he decided to unfollow her. 

That had hurt her a little bit and since then Wassabi has tried his best not to hurt her feelings at all. 

Alex and Alexxis/Instagram 

Who is Alexxis Lemire 

Alexxis has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, starring in various projects such as the 2017 horror TV film Truth or Dare, the 2018 thriller The Art of Murder, and the 2020 Netflix original movie The Half of It.

Born in Londonderry, New Hampshire. At the age of 18, she made the bold move to Los Angeles with her mother to pursue her passion for acting, a form of art that resonates deeply with her. 

Their social media accounts

When it comes to flaunting their love on social media they are all about it. 

Both of their main account pages especially on Instagram are filled with the two sharing the same frame. 

From birthday wishes, valentines and Christmas celebrations they share everything while at the same time being very private. 

Alexxis has a large number of followers while Alex has an even bigger fanbase, with about 11.4 million subscribers and millions of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and X. 

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