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The Love Story of Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon

Love me for right now before you leave me!!

Alex Warren is not letting his fiance Kouvr Annon leave, these two are gearing up to take the plunge soon!

For those of you who know ‘Hype House,’ there is a possibility that you might have come across Alex in some YouTube videos as his soon-to-be wife is part of the house, oh and so is he.

Well, he left YouTube to pursue music and you might have heard a few of his singles like ‘Yard Sale’ or ‘Before You Leave Me’ and a lot more incredible tracks, reports.

Kouvr and Alex got engaged last year/Instagram

Alex and Kouvr’s history

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and talk about how these two became a thing! 

It all started in January 2022, when a mutual friend played Cupid and introduced them on Snapchat. 

Sparks flew instantly, even though they had to deal with the whole long-distance thing at first. But hey, love knows no boundaries, right? 

These lovebirds made it official on Instagram in December 2018 and then decided to conquer TikTok’s Hype House together. 


Fake proposing for 3 years so that way she NEVER expects the real one.

♬ original sound – Alex warren

And guess what? They’ve been documenting their love story for all their followers to see ever since. Relationship goals, anyone?

Their bond extends far beyond that. In the midst of their public love story, they’ve both popped the question to each other for their video content and even exchanged vows. 

This all took place a couple of years ago when they were still young. Fast forward to today, these two are 23 and eager to pledge their eternal commitment to each other.

It’s not easy to always be in the spotlight and share personal things, but somehow this couple has found a way to make it work. 

They’ve struck a perfect balance between what’s public and what’s private in their relationship. 

Alex and Kouvr/Instagram

Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon’s engagement 

Three years ago Kouvr proposed to Alex while playing a game, it was more of a joke as they did not take it that seriously, but then just a year after that these two made a video where they got married.

Turns out both of those two were for content and nothing more. 

Alex and Kouvr made an appearance at the ‘In Lock’ podcast where they opened up about marriage plans and the future they see ahead.

Annon was 22 at the time and said to Warren that for her to get engaged at 23 and get married at 24 is the ideal time for her.

And that is exactly what happened, right before her 23rd birthday, Warren got on one knee and popped the question. 

He proposed to her in Colorado and the whole day he was scared as he was scared and tried to hide his feelings from her.

The two went into a ski lift and tried to find the perfect spot and guess what Warren dropped the ring.

However, Annon was not sus of anything and in the middle of a snowball fight, Alex drops to one knee and proposes to her. 

Alex knew she was the one from the moment they first started talking together via social media and since they were young back then they were not sure what the future held for them. 

When they knew for sure they were meant for one another, they first moved in together.

More details about Annon and Warren’s romance

Warren and Annon’s first morning as fiances/Instagram

Kouvr and Alex began a long-distance relationship after connecting on Snapchat. Alex made the first move after Kouvr’s breakup with her boyfriend. 

They didn’t meet for four months, during which Alex remained committed while Kouvr dated other people.

Once they got serious, Kouvr moved from Hawaii to live with Alex. Despite financial struggles, they made it work. They’ve been together since 2018, marking six years.

Alex falls in love with Kouvr every day and knew he wants to spend his life with her. He sought her parents’ blessing, then asked Annon’s grandma to make the engagement ring.

Warren grew up without a father, and his parents stayed together unhappily for nine years after his dad’s cancer diagnosis.

When Alex asked Kouvr’s parents for their blessing, they were moved to tears, showing their love for both Alex and their daughter.

The singer made a custom ring for his fiance taking all of the good parts from the ring she had sent him during the years they were together.

Kouvr’s grandma did all the work with the ring and sent it to Alex via mail and he almost showed it to Annon.


In her defense I never actually told her… June 8th!! Give You Love!!

♬ GIVE YOU LOVE out June 8th – alex warren stan

All these plans for the engagement were unnoticed by Kouvr and somehow they captured everything in video!!!

With that said, these two have gone through a lot Alex was shot and almost lost his life, they started from rock bottom together and made all of their fortune through hard work and finally we get to see them get married. 

Alex and Kouvr have more than 15 million followers on TikTok and a few other millions on their social media platforms where they post couple things, fashion and music!!!

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