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Ethan Slater’s New Broadway Show Gets a Boost from Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slate’s romance has started to heat up! 

From romantic dinners to Disney getaways to living together and now to showing support for one another, Ariana Grande is always there for her boyfriend. 

With his new musical hitting the theater, Ari is making sure never to miss any of his performances. Talk about a supportive girlfriend.

After watching her boyfriend Ethan Slater perform in Monty Python’s Spamalot at the St. James Theatre, Ariana Grande was spotted sneaking out through the stage door, reports.

The singer and actress, who is set to star in the upcoming Wicked movie, looked smitten as she walked backward towards her car while keeping her eyes on Slater.  

The musical is set to officially open on November 16 after several weeks of previews. 

Ariana showing her support for her boyfriend Ethan

Ariana showing her support for her boyfriend Ethan

She left through the theater’s backdoor and surprisingly, not a single fan was in sight, no screaming admirers to interrupt her smooth exit.

Grande has been caught red-handed at the production multiple times, and just a few weeks back, she decided to channel her inner Spamalot enthusiast by donning medieval robes and a flimsy paper crown

Talk about commitment! Not only was she spotted in the audience, but she made sure to flaunt the show’s Playbill as she strutted her way to her fancy limo. Clearly, Grande knows how to make an entrance.  

ariana leaving through the backgdoor

Ariana leaving through the backdoor 

Their romance is starting to reach another point and soon we could hear those wedding bells ringing, even though they both just got out of a marriage.

Grande’s romance may be new but things between them seem to work just fine. 

Her name has been intertwined with Ethan’s for a few months now but their romance is not receiving support from netizens. 

Deuxmoi spies have spotted Ariana in the audience at Ethan's show

Deuxmoi spies have spotted Ariana in the audience at Ethan’s show 

How do fans feel about Ethan and Ariana’s relationship?

To be truthful people are slamming the duo for jumping in a relationship because their divorce papers are so fresh, the ink hasn’t even had time to dry. 

They have taken to different media platforms to express their feelings about this new couple and trust me they are not good. 

According to them, it’s fascinating and terrifying how people can still feel comfortable dating each other despite the whole world making fun of them for being slimy. 

Ariana and Ethan

Ariana and Ethan

Is it like an elephant in the room? Are they embarrassed? Or do they see it as some sort of romantic “us against the world” hetero fantasy?  

The “us against the world” mentality is definitely at play here. It creates a temporary bond between them until they both realize that there’s no real substance to their relationship. 

To him, she’s like a dream come true – Ariana Grande actually wants to date him! It’s like hitting the jackpot. No one else could compare, not even his loyal high school sweetheart wife, or child. 

But Ariana has a history of jumping into relationships too quickly, and this situation is starting to resemble her past fling with Pete. 

The only difference is that there’s a lot more cheating and grossness involved. Eventually, she’ll get tired of Spongebob and move on, just like she did with Pete when she realizes that he can’t fill the void in her life that she thought these relationships would fill. 

Ethan Slater and his ex-wife Lilly Jay

Ethan Slater and his ex-wife Lilly Jay

However, their fans are not only criticizing Ari but they are giving a piece of their minds to Ethan as well.  Wondering how he could leave his infant baby and wife of ten years so quickly. 

Let’s just say everyone’s brain still doesn’t comprehend them as a couple but if they are happy and love each other, everyone should respect their relationship. Even celebs have lives. 

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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