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Dove Cameron and Damiano David Are Red Carpet Official – Everything That Went Down In Their Relationship

It was a hard launch!!

Dove Cameron and Damiano David, the frontman of Måneskin made their relationship Red Carpet official. 

What can we say except we knew it they were together, these two dropped too many obvious clues for others not to know they were together, reports. 

Cameron and David’s relationship rumors began swirling in the autumn of 2023, following their cozy interactions at a party.

Although they haven’t made any official statements about their status, let’s dive into all the details we have about David and his love story with Cameron. 

February 3, 2024: Dove and Damiano make it red carpet official 

Dove Cameron and Damiano David from Måneskin made their relationship official at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammys gala in Los Angeles. 

They made a grand entrance on the red carpet, looking absolutely adorable together. Dove rocked a stunning red corset top and a floor-length skirt, while Damiano went for a classy white button-up shirt, gray suit, and black tie. 

The couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other, holding hands and sharing sweet kisses throughout the night. It’s safe to say that love was definitely in the air at this star-studded event!

Dove Cameron and Damiano David made their red carpet debut as a couple 

January 24, 2024: Double date

Cameron and David went out for dinner. It was a double date!

The couple left the dinner, arm in arm, and were captured in a photograph. They enjoyed a double date at Catch Steak in West Hollywood. 

November 30, 2023: Damiano and Dove are photographed kissing at the beach 

Dove Cameron and Damiano David from Måneskin were caught in a romantic moment as they shared a kiss on the beach. 

Paparazzi snapped some pictures of Cameron and David enjoying a PDA-filled hangout at Bondi Beach in Sydney while the Italian rock band was on tour in Australia. 

The photos reveal the couple holding hands while strolling and taking a seat on the sandy shores to exchange some sweet kisses. 

Dove and Damiano confirmed their relationship with a kiss at the beach 

November 3,  2023: Dove leaves the Maneskin concert in the same car as Damiano

Dove Cameron was spotted leaving a Maneskin concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

David and Cameron left together in the same car after his concert

Interestingly, she was seen exiting the stage door with Damiano David, the lead singer of the band. They even hopped into a car together, fueling rumors of a possible romance.

During the same period, Cameron and David were spotted on another date but this time with the rest of the Maneskin band. 

From the photographs, they seemed to have been enjoying time with one another, including some smiles here and there, some delicious food, and the good weather. 

Dove attends almost all Maneskin concerts

The rumors of Dove and Damiano dating started because of how much the singer/actress was spotted at his band’s concerts. 

In September 2023, the buzz about the singers’ love affair began when Cameron was caught on camera attending Måneskin’s electrifying concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Numerous sources confirmed the news back then.

Dove went on a lunch date with the rest of the Maneskin members

Shortly after, she made another appearance at a Måneskin concert in Brazil, fueling the rumors even more.

After Brazil, she made a stop at his tour in Australia where the pictures of the two kissing at the beach were taken.

Each Dove attended one of the concerts she made sure to share snaps or videos on her Instagram account.  

October 2023: Damiano and Dove attended a Halloween party together 

These two spent their first Halloween party as a couple together. 

Anitta’s Halloween bash was off the charts, and you won’t believe who made an appearance! Dove Cameron and David were in attendance, and let me tell you, they looked absolutely stunning. 

They totally nailed the leather-coordinated outfits and topped it off with some sleek black sunglasses. They were definitely the center of attention!

Damiano and Dove attended Anitta’s Haloween party together

September: Cameron and David fule dating rumors

At an afterparty at Dirty Mondays in Los Angeles, Damiano David was caught kissing Dove Cameron. 

The video of this incident was leaked on social media, showing the Måneskin frontman with his arms around the American actress and singer.

Damiano’s most recent relationship was with model Giorgia Soleri until June 2023, when videos of him kissing another woman appeared online. 

The lead singer of Måneskin clarified that there were no betrayals and that he and Giorgia had already ended their relationship before the videos were released. 

As for Dove, her last romantic involvement was with Thomas Doherty, which lasted for four years until their separation in October 2020.

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