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Christopher Briney is Keeping His Distance from Lola Tung to Avoid Conflicts with his Girlfriend

One more year till we get the last season of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ on our screens. 

Now we know shipping two people together just because they have chemistry on-screen could go wrong most of the time, especially when another person’s feelings are involved. 

I came across a video of Lola Tung and Christopher Briney attending this event and let me tell you even through the video you could feel that the air was awkward.

And all of that awkwardness seems to be coming from one thing only, all the shipping and the idea of Lola and Chris having a real romance off-screen too, reports. 

I kind of think it’s weird to ship actors together. The characters have a bond, not the actual people playing them. 

Fans who do this can ruin shows and create tension between actors, especially if they’re in relationships outside of filming. 

This can make the acting suffer because of the awkwardness. We need to stop shipping Chris and Lola, it’s disrespectful to everyone involved, whether they’re in a relationship or not.

All of the noise has taken a toll on Tung and Briney’s friendship.  

Not to forget that Chris is happily in love with his girlfriend of three years Isabel Machado (yes, she has the same name as Belly, the lead actress played by Lola). 

The Summer I Turned Pretty main leads 

Chris has been ignoring Lola on press tours 

They don’t seem awkward together in real life, but Chris is definitely trying to keep their relationship hidden so that people don’t ship them in real life. He goes to great lengths to ignore her during media events.

I don’t expect them to be all over the press, flirting and acting like their characters Belly and Conrad, but it does bother me that they never do any press together since season 2.

I believe that the leads of a show should be able to do press, appear friendly with each other, and have serious discussions about their on-screen romance without any awkwardness.

Chris and Lola barely even talk or hang out during interviews. It’s like they’re in two different worlds! 

But it’s not like Chris is awkward with anyone else from the cast, just Lola. Back in season 1, they had great chemistry and no issues at all. 

Belly and Conrad 

So something must have happened between then and now to make things super weird. I mean, 

I could be wrong, but it seems like the most likely explanation is his girlfriend. I’m not saying it’s her fault or anything, but it just makes sense. 

It’s like Chris is so worried about what people will think of his relationship that he’s being extra cautious. 

No presence on one another’s social media 

It’s interesting how these two have been working together for more than two years and post very little about one another despite being leads. 

When I say share content about one another I am referencing their characters Conrad and Belly. 

Both of their pages have like two video where the seasons get presented and a few posts from photoshoots. 

Chris has pictures of him and his girlfriend posted there and you can actually tell he is not much of a social media enthusiast, he posts very little about him there.

Lola Tung and Christopher Briney

There are hardly any interviews with just the two of them. Normally, romantic leads do interviews in almost every other show. 

It’s like they don’t want him to do them alone with her. Also, when he shared promo photos, he didn’t post any of the ones with both of them. 

I’m sure he has his reasons and we don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes…but as a viewer, it’s kind of strange. Usually, you hype up your romantic lead… 

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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